Finding Time to Write

As we encourage mothers to write and share their experiences, we are inevitably going to encounter the question, “How do I find time to write?  I’m a mom!”  Trust us, we completely understand.  Here are a few suggestions to help you get your ideas from your head to The Power of Moms.
  • Try reading Mommy’s Naptime 101 or applying the organization process in Mind Organization for Moms here on The Power of Moms website.  Both resources will help you feel like you have more time in your day.
  • Keep a pad of paper in your kitchen, car, or bathroom, and when you think of something that other mothers would appreciate, write it down.  Keep adding to this list as you develop your ideas, and then put them together when your schedule allows.
  • Designate one night a month (or week) as your writing night.  This is an evening when you turn off the television, tell your spouse you’ll be back in a couple of hours, and/or spend some time in your room getting your thoughts on paper (or…turn off the TV for an entire month and see how much time you suddenly have in your life!).
  • Hire a babysitter once a month to play with your children while you write (you might want to go to the library–or you can just sit in your car out in the driveway).
  • Realize that you’ll never actually “find” time to write.  Most likely, you’ll need to make time.  It’s challenging sometimes, but we need your voice!
We wish you the best!
-Saren, April, and our Power of Moms Writing Team