Power of Moms Certified Trainers

Following are the bios of our active Power of Moms Trainers in alphabetical order. Scroll down to see all trainer bios or click on the name of the trainer below to skip straight to her photo and bio.

Lacy Anderson

Cheryl Cardall

Sarah Chapman

Mandy Cheney

Paige Clark

Lori Conger

Tenille Cundick

Elsje Denison

Adele Fedorak

Becky Fife

Telena Hall

Shauna Hunt

Kristine Jones

Treasure Love

Amy Oliver

Janelle Phipps

Allyson Reynolds

Taunie Reynolds

Lindsay Ruiz

Chantol Sego

Tiffany Sowby

Bonnie Van Orden

Chrysula Winegar 

Lacy Anderson: Provo, Utah

Lacy was born in the Bay Area, but grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and is the third of four children. She met her husband, Brandon, while serving an full time mission for the LDS Church in Bucharest, Romania. They were married a year after returning home and have been blissfully happy for the last 9 years.

Lacy graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s degree in Photography and she loves using her talents to take great pictures of her family. She also still shoots professionally sometimes. But, her full time job right now is mothering her two adorable children (and growing another one due in March, 2012).

She loves being part of Power of Moms because it changed the way she views motherhood and the way she practices it. She does her best to be deliberate mother and enjoy her children…even when they tried to “clean” her favorite canvas print with a spray bottle and wipes.

Cheryl Cardall: Sandy, Utah

cardallCheryl Cardall is the youngest of 7 children, an aunt to over 40, she started babysitting at age 9, acquired a degree in Early Childhood Ed.  from the University of Utah and taught early childhood classes at UVU.  Because of that she thought motherhood would be easy for her.  Now she knows she had all the answers BEFORE she had children.  As a mother of 5 (4 boys, 1 girl) ranging in ages from 3-14, it seems that every day she is stumped with a new challenge her children provide.  However, there is nothing she would rather be doing than raising these 5 darling, strong willed, hilarious people.  In turn she is becoming the person she was meant to be. Cheryl and her very handsome husband David recently relocated to Sandy, Utah from Las Vegas, NV.  As a family they love to be in the outdoors camping hiking and fishing.  Cheryl loves to read, go on walks, have in depth conversations with friends, and write.


Sarah Chapman: San Marcos, California

Sarah is the wife to Trent Chapman of 10 years and has enjoyed being with her best friend these last few years. They are parents to 4 children ages 8 to 3 months. Two girls on top and the two boys on bottom. They couldn’t have asked for anything better in their opinion. Sarah just feels so blessed that she was chosen to be their mother while they enjoy their journey here on earth.

Sarah didn’t know what to expect of motherhood because she wasn’t really around alot of babies and young children growing up because she was at the tail end of her family. She never had to change a diaper until age 13 in which she had to to earn money while babysitting. However her husband on the other hand was number 4 of 13 so I guess you could say that he taught her very well how to do those jobs. She feels blessed that he is so knowledgable in that area and gives credit to her mother-in-law for raising such a responsible, motivated get it done type of man.

Sarah enjoys doing anything in regards to home management and organizing! She loves to create a space for her family to enjoy and to feel safe. She does simple do it yourself projects that don’t take alot of thought and loves to reorganize areas in her home to make it more functional. Her favorite store is the Container Store if that tells you anything. She adapts very well with change and enjoys the thrill of it all. She is spontaneous and will change her plans in a matter of seconds especially in regards to children. loves to exercise and she is the rare few who enjoy doing workout videos at home and is disciplined enough to do it there. She just has to get it done early or after the kids go to bed. She enjoys being apart of her church and the lessons of life that she learns there and more importantly on how to teach her children correct principles to live by while on this earth. She has recently gotten into reading alot more books because she didn’t finish college. She only reads self improvement ones and not much a fan of fiction. Give it to her straight and no make believe.

She lives by this personal motto of “Keep it Simple” because if you don’t others will take your time away from you and with your family. Don’t overcomplicate things and try to be perfect just do the best that you can. Our family believes in “Yes You Can” and we are teaching our children that you can do many things but in moderation.

Sarah’s website is sarahannchapman.com


Mandy Cheney: Riverton, Utah

Mandy and her husband, Brian, are parents to 3 vivacious children raging from 7 to 1. Her number one passion in life is her family. She loves her role as a stay-at-home mother, which she compares to the biggest, fastest, most amazing and most exciting roller-coaster ride. It definitely has its ups and downs. She loves learning new things, especially pertaining to motherhood. Power of Moms has become a great source of inspiration for her, especially in her quest to find order and peace in such a busy time of life.

Her favorite thing to do is ditch the to-do list and housework, turn the music up and dance around the house with her kids. She loves to laugh and play with them.

When she’s not trying to balance all the many hats mothers wear, she is running, biking or swimming. That’s her secret to remaining (somewhat) sane! Training for marathons and triathlons helps her keep up with her very active children. She loves to write and capture her favorite moments through photography. She loves to dream, travel, read, surf and snowboard with her husband. Life is a beautiful thing and she is trying her best to enjoy every minute of it (even the days that aren’t so…beautiful.)

Mandy lives in Utah and blogs at mush. 


Paige Clark: Chicago, IL

black and whiteMother of 3 rambunctious kids is Paige’s full time job.  She loves taking them on adventures in their hometown of Chicago and has all 3 at home for one last year before her oldest goes to school.    Her wonderful husband likes to go to school and change jobs, so the Clark’s have lived in Utah, Tennessee, Utah, Illinois and soon Texas in 6 short years! Paige is Canadian (:
In addition to motherhood, she teaches Hypnobabies Natural Birth Classes, loves to sew, ski, learn and swim.  She leads a POM’s Learning Circle in Chicago and loves everything about Power of Moms.


Lori Conger: Kaysville, Utah

Conger015Ever since Lori was a little girl, her biggest dream in life was to become a mother. She somehow knew very early on it would be the most important thing she would ever do. Although she knew it wouldn’t be easy, she could never have anticipated just how entirely grueling and exhausting and utterly frustrating it could be at times. On the other hand, she also could never have known how absolutely wonderful and soul-satisfying and amazing it would be to take on the sacred and oh-so-important role of mother.

Now Lori and her husband, Daniel, are the parents of five children—children who she claims have taught her more about the real meaning of life and patience and empathy and deep, abiding love than she ever thought possible. A recovering perfectionist, Lori believes strongly in the mantra, “I’m not a perfect mother, and that’s ok.” She believes all women were chosen to be the mother of their children for a reason, because they have unique gifts and traits that their children need, making them the perfect mother for their children. She reminds herself often, “Your children need YOU and they want YOU. What could be more perfect than that?”

A hostage survivor, Lori has spoken to numerous audiences on many occasions about the important life lessons her experience taught her, such as: to take advantage of every day; to do the most important things first; and to never miss a chance to tell your children you love them. Although she joked often with her children (especially after some huge motherhood flop—which seemed to happen more often than she’d like to admit) that she would never be Mother of the Year, the jokes had to stop in 2012 when she was indeed chosen as the American Mothers “Young Mother of the Year”! Although unexpected, Lori was grateful for the opportunity this responsibility gave her to share her passion about motherhood as she spoke to many groups of women, encouraging them to keep doing all the good they were doing in their homes and reminding them that they were absolutely irreplaceable.

Lori loves writing about motherhood and her family life on her blog entitled “Making Motherhood Memorable,” (www.loriconger.blogspot.com). She also loves to read, coach volleyball, eat chocolate, teach preschool, and write. She hopes to one day finish and publish the many books she has started. Until then . . . well, she has five children who are very good at keeping her busy!rents of five children.


Tenille Cundick: Salt Lake City, Utah

Cundick (37)Tenille and her husband Paul are the parents of three children, ages 5, 3 and 1, and hope to have many more! Tenille has always had two passions, little children and learning. Tenille earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences, in hopes of becoming a “Professional Mom.” While she doesn’t always feel professional, she is learning to be confident that she is the very best parent for her children. Tenille certified as a Power of Moms Trainer in hopes of empowering other mothers too.

“Being there” with her family (instead of inside her head trying to keep track of things she needs to do or goals she wants to achieve) has been a constant struggle for Tenille. But, with the help of a little Mind Organization for Moms, she hopes to keep learning and teaching while still keeping an orderly home! You can follow her struggles and successes on her family blog, This Little Cundick Family….


Elsje Denison: South Jordan, Utah


As a child, Elsje loved to sing a song with the lyrics, “When I grow up, I want to be a mother, and have a family. One little, two little, three little babies of my own.” Many years later her dream has become reality as she raises three sons of her own.

Born and raised in Utah, Elsje earned her degrees in Family and Consumer Science Education with a Music Minor and is grateful to have an education she can apply every day in motherhood. She met her husband in a show choir they performed in together, and they’ve been singing and dancing through life ever since. After moving around the country for a few years, their family decided “there’s no place like home” and settled back down in Utah.

Elsje loves gardening, running, traveling, hiking, writing, and spending time with her BFF, Jay. She loves family game nights and snuggling in bed to read with the kiddos. She has found The Power of Moms to be an invaluable tool as a mother and is excited to share this wonderful resource with other mothers as we all learn and grow in this journey we call motherhood.


Adele Fedorak: Calgary, Alberta

Adele is a mother of two, ages 5 and 6.  She currently calls southern Alberta home, after growing up in British Columbia and living in Washington State and Ontario along the way.  She completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria and a graduate degree at Washington State University.  Adele has many years of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist working in a variety of settings, with a keen interest in program development and promoting professional practice.

Adele’s interest in personal leadership was realized over 20 years ago when she read Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.  She formalized her leadership background by completing a post-graduate certificate in Personal Leadership from Royal Roads University in 2009.  Adele’s reading in leadership and business brought her to David Allen’s best selling book, “Getting Things Done:  The Art of Stress-free Productivity”.  Realizing that Allen couldn’t possibly be a parent, Adele went on a mission to blend GTD and parenting and discovered the Power of Moms and April’s program, Mind Organization for Moms (MOM).  Thank you April!!!

“I used to think… I married the love of my life, I have two great kids, and an educational background that is directly relevant to being a parent…. Why is parenting so hard?  While it is still hard at times, MOM has changed my life … and I’m on a quest to share it with anyone who will listen. I love that the e-book is a stand-alone program for women who want to work through it independently.   Having said that, the workshop experience is priceless.  There is something about working through the information with other women who are all different yet share so many of the same issues.”


Becky Fife: Las Vegas, Nevada

Becky and her husband David, are parents to 6 amazing children, ages 13-2. Born and raised in central California, Becky and her family now live in Las Vegas.

Becky graduated from Brigham Young University, with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. She used her skills as a personal fitness trainer to help put her husband through dental school at UCLA, and then University of Florida. With each child, Becky found herself having to give up things “that didn’t really matter” but also searching for ways to keep things afloat! She remembers after her first child, she realized that anyone can be a mom, but to be a GOOD mom… THAT takes sacrifice, and effort, and a good sense of humor!

Power of Moms is something Becky believes in 100%. She has always found great strength in talking to other moms, and sharing/learning ideas on how to raise a happy family. “Power of Moms is such an answer to so many of the questions that we Moms have! I have never felt so empowered, or organized, or able to move forward in knowing the HOWs and WHYs to making my home and family the best it can be! There is NOTHING more rewarding. I love it! And I love sharing it with others!!!”

Along with improving herself as a person, wife and mother, Becky also loves music. She is the director of an all girls’ singing group called Singers Company, where her 6 year old and 8 year old daughters can sing and dance and build confidence through music. Becky also loves to run. Above all, Becky’s favorite thing is to watch her kids succeed and feel good about themselves, whether it’s at doing chores or accomplishing a bigger goal. “When your children get a glimpse of how special they truly are, that makes all the mom-hours worth it.”

Telena Hall: Pocatello, Idaho

Family 2013Telena, along with her husband David, are the parents of four children, three boys followed by a girl.
Telena graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Elementary Education and has always had a passion for teaching others.  After teaching public school for two years, she left to Chicago to teach as a missionary for the LDS church. After returning from her mission and marrying David, she taught three more years before putting her career on hold to stay home and raise her young family.  Today, Telena enjoys teaching a small preschool in her home.
Telena loves how Power of Moms has helped her to view her mothering differently and to find more joy in her daily work as a mom.  Now as a Power of Moms trainer, Telena looks forward to helping to strengthen other mothers.  She has a passion for public speaking and leading discussions and is always seeking opportunities to tweak what isn’t working to make her home/family life work better.
When she’s not busy with her family, Telena loves running, enjoys date nights with her hubby, gets a high from organizing and budgeting, and loves gathering with friends for good conversation and laughter.



Kristine Jones: Kansas City, Missouri

Kristine and her husband are the parents of six children ages 12 to 4 months. She has lived most of her life in the Midwest and currently resides there now. While pregnant with her first child, she was pursuing a degree in microbiology and vowed to use latex gloves with each diaper change. Not many diapers and messes later, the glove idea had to be thrown out the window. She has had ample opportunities to build healthy immune systems ever since.

After her three-year-old daughter told her, “I want to be a mom. I want to be in a rush,” Kristine is attempting to slow down and enjoy her children each day a bit more which means she is trying harder to get her housework done with her children and be more productive when she has a quiet moment. Each of her children are growing and learning so fast and she does not want to miss any of it! She cannot help but wish, however, that she could hit the pause button for a month to get caught up on projects and read a few books.

The Power of Moms has helped Kristine as a person and a mother and she wants other mothers to have the same opportunities to empower their lives. While she loves all that is available through The Power of Moms curriculum, she is especially fond of teaching Mind Organization for Moms since it is a springboard to other goals and pursuits.

 Treasure Love: Morgan, Utah

Treasure loves living in Beautiful Morgan Valley, Utah, with her husband and four children (ages 9years-6 months). She earned her Associates Degree at Weber State University before diving head first into motherhood. She likes to decorate, travel, spend time outdoors, and make lists. Instead of finding a great novel on her nightstand, you’ll find a pile of books on parenting and organizing. She has yet to master these skills, but has great desire to continually improve. Her favorite thing about being a mom is experiencing unconditional love, both on the giving, and receiving end. The hardest thing about motherhood for her is that she only has 2 hands, and 24 hours in a day.

Amy Oliver:  North Salt Lake, Utah

Amy and her husband Rick are growing into the “muchness” of parenthood with their 3 precocious children in Northern Utah.

Although Amy worked as a nanny for 7 years (hoping to “practice” at mothering), once she stepped over the threshold of motherhood, her real life mothering took off like a whirlwind! She had no idea of the personal growth (and pains) that would be required for her to progress as a mother. While at times she has felt “lost” in the process of it all, the character building opportunities unique to motherhood have led her to discover more about who she is and what her life purpose is about.

Her trade as a Massage Therapist opened up the path to Health and Life Coaching, which she feels are perfectly suited for teaming up with the Power of Moms. She is excited to continue sharing her skills and passion for motherhood, while also learning from so many amazing women!

With their seemingly insatiable desire for learning, she and her husband feel teaching their children at home works best for their family, which brings wonderful lessons and people into their lives. Amy attends further trainings on a regular basis to gather tools for her life and coaching others through it. Some of these include Mentor Training with Thoughts Alive, Body Language courses with 3 Key Elements, and implementing life goal techniques with Ideal Life Vision.

Amy enjoys reading, writing, practicing yoga and pilates, but especially date nights with Rick and playtime with her family.


Janelle Phipps: Ogden, Utah

JanelleUpdatedJanelle and her husband, David, are the parents of three daughters and a son, ages 5, 4, 2, and 1. Janelle grew up in both northern California and Georgia and then settled with her husband in Utah after graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in English. They now reside in Ogden, Utah. She worked from home as an editor for a small publishing company until motherhood demanded all of her time and attention. She enjoys writing about the ups and downs of motherhood on her toddler activities blog Where are my Mary Jane’s?, a blog based on the belief that “motherhood requires selflessness, but you still have to know who that self is.”

When Janelle heard about the Power of Moms, she knew that it was right up her alley. If there’s anything she’d like to spend time and effort becoming more proficient and capable in right now in her life, it’s her role as a mother.

Janelle has always enjoyed public speaking and working with other people. She has had the opportunity to speak and facilitate discussions through the Distinguished Young Women program, Especially for Youth, and Be the Best You camp. She served a two year Spanish-speaking mission for the LDS church in Oakland, CA. She has worked with young women in her church for several years and enjoys meeting new friends and fellow mothers through her blog. Janelle believes that friends are critical to her sanity as a mother.

Janelle is also interested in writing, finding fun and educational crafts for kids, singing, and photography. She loves to bake sweets that she can eat during the tough moments throughout the day. She enjoys a good novel that sweeps her off her feet and learning new things like piano and how to bowl over 100. Janelle is forever grateful to have found a program like The Power of Moms that is a positive reminder that “You can do this!”

Allyson Reynolds: Highland, Utah

Allyson is the mother to four children, ages 4-14. She has lived 27 of her 40 years in the Midwest (Iowa and Illinois), and has also lived in San Diego, Florida, Japan, Los Angeles, and most recently, the mountain west. She earned a B.A. in Family Science from Brigham Young University, and met her husband while living in Sendai, Japan as an LDS missionary.

Since her participation in the first ever Power of Moms board meeting (attendance 3: her, April, and Saren!) she’s been hooked on doing whatever she can to strengthen the mothers of the world. This enthusiasm has led to various speaking opportunities, both at The Power of Moms retreats as well as the unique “Mom Track” (pioneered by April and Saren) at BYU Idaho’s Education Week. Her speaking material comes largely from the stuff she loves to write for the website, as well as her posts for the “Motherhood Matters” blog.

When she can get a little “me time” (what’s that?) she enjoys reading and blogging, the great outdoors, cooking, getting things done, living like a tourist, and date nights with her husband. For Allyson, the hardest part of motherhood is finding balance. A frustrated perfectionist, she is constantly vacillating between her desire for both a clean and orderly home and time to relax and enjoy the moment before the moment is gone.  Snuggling up with her kids and a good book is pure bliss.

Taunie Reynolds: Clinton, Utah

Taunie Hansen Reynolds is a mother of five, four girls and a boy, and is married to an amazing, smart and talented man, Doug.  They currently live in Clinton, Utah, and don’t have any plans of leaving anytime soon.  Taunie is acclimating to a household of teenage girls and all of the drama that seems to go with them.  Currently working part-time as an Orthodontic Assistant and full-time as a mother and wife, she really tries to squeeze in time for the things that she loves: writing, blogging, running/walking, spending time with friends and sometimes just RELAXING.

Taunie and Doug attended BYU where he graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and is currently trying to pursue his own dream of starting his own business.  She is trying her best to raise her kids into smart, independent, contributing and kind members of society.  (Mostly she is trying to get them through junior high and high school with self esteem and confidence intact.)

Taunie grew up in Montana and Washington State.  She is the youngest of eleven children and is blessed to know her sweet birth mother and her family, where she is the oldest of seven.  So many of her blessings have come from her two amazing families and steadfast family she married into.

 Lindsay Ruiz: Provo, Utah

Lindsay is the mother of three girls and one little boy (finally), ages 4 months- 6 years. She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, but flew the coop at 18 years old when she moved to Provo, Utah, to study Art at BYU. While pursuing her degree, she participated on the BYU Ballroom Dance Company and traveled the country competing individually. She also met her husband while on the team and she danced her way into his heart at the salsa club.

After growing up in a home that was full of contention and heartache, Lindsay knew that she could change the way she raised her own family. After discovering the principles taught by the Eyre family and the Power of Moms, she was eager to join the ranks as a trainer and as a board member. She loves to speak and share her story. She is passionate about helping others create the kind of families they desire and find joy in the process. She also wants to help others learn the wonderful principles that have blessed her own family.

She loves to blog (you can link it to www.mlruiz.blogspot.com) about the good, the bad, and the embarrassing moments of motherhood. She has a thirst for doing hard and crazy things such as a Mrs. Utah pageant, a triathalon, backyard chickens, traveling with small babies (you know that’s hard!), and maneuvering four kids through busy parking lots (that’s even harder!!!). She also loves to read, doing art projects with her children, teaching young children in her church, and crossing things off her long bucket list.

Chantol Sego: Washington

Chantol married her high school sweetheart in 1998. They have two daughters, ages 7 and 10, and live in Western Washington. She has her Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Puget Sound and works full-time in the finance industry. But family definitely comes first. “The best thing about being a mom is hanging out as a family. We love to play board games, do house projects, go camping, take road trips and attend the girls’ sporting events.”

Chantol volunteers for the parent teacher organization. She helps coordinate the Giving Tree Project to support local families with kids that need help around the holidays. Her girls work with her as “elves” and have assisted in organizing gifts for 150 kids over the past few years.

She’s addicted to organizing, making lists, and personal development books. She loves to read, write, and rearrange furniture at least monthly. (Her husband and kids pick on her constantly about this last one.) She strives to learn new things and to improve as a person, wife and mother. (“Learn to relax” is an item that is always on her to-do list.)

She is constantly looking for side projects that allow her to help others while using her organization skills and creative side. A wide variety of leadership roles (wedding coordinator, soccer coach, PTO treasurer, supervisor, Women’s Initiative Network co-chair) contribute to the skills she is hoping to bring to Power of Moms. She’s passionate about helping others become the mothers they want to be. “Becoming a Power of Moms certified trainer and Mind Organization for Moms coach is a natural fit for me.” She also enjoys writing on her blog, Organized Chaos when she has time.


Tiffany Sowby: West Bountiful, Utah

sowbyTiffany and her husband, Mike are the parents of five children; 4-15.  When the local Mother-of-the-year passed by in a parade a few years ago, Tiffany’s then seven-year-old daughter turned to her and said, “You’ll never be that, huh Mom?”  While Tiffany may never be the Mother-of-the-Year, she is passionate about motherhood, and has a desire to help strengthen other mothers of the world.  This passion, combined with her love of speaking, and her ability to get things done, seemed a natural fit for a Power of Moms Trainer.

Some of Tiffany’s very favorite things are:  hearing her children laugh, date nights, long conversations, sitting on the patio watching the children play, laundry, quiet time, writing and shoes.  Her motto for motherhood is, “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

Tiffany lives in West Bountiful, Utah and blogs at Our (Most of the Time) Happy Family


Bonnie Van Orden: Japan

Bonnie and her husband Sevell are the parents of four wonderfully different children ranging from 3-25.  Her oldest son just got married.  Each is in a different stage of life and has an individual personality. Sevell being in the Navy has brought on some tough challenges.  He has spent many years at sea and Bonnie has virtually been a single parent off and on for many years.  She loves to get out and go places with her family.  Making memories together keeps her family strong.  She sometimes struggles with keeping her house in order because there is so little time when her husband is home.  Her motto is:  My housework can wait, but my family just can’t.  The Power of Moms has taught her that you can have the best of both worlds.  Working together and using Mind Organization for Moms is changing the way she does things.

Bonnie is a para-educator, but her most important job is raising her children. She encourages them to explore new things and be all they can be.  She has worked with youth at church as her kids have gone through each stage.  She loves teaching, doing projects and going on trips with youth and scouts.  She also loves camping, hiking, reading, sewing, exploring Japan and going to Disneyland!

Bonnie and her family have had the opportunity to live many places and have spent the last 5 years in Japan.  Without the support of family, many women on her base struggle with the demands of Navy life.  She wants to unite women in her area to strengthen each other and be the support that they all need.  When great women get together, amazing things happen. The Power of Moms is the perfect avenue to accomplish those goals!


Chrysula Winegar: Connecticut

Blogging at When You Wake Up A Mother, You Wake Up The World and www.chrysulawinegar.com, Chrysula Winegar articulates her passion about motherhood, work life balance, connectedness and the power of social media to foster mobilization and thought leadership. Chrysula has presented at the United Nations Foundation/Mashable Social Good Summit for UN Week on Changing the World One Mother at a Time and the influence mothers have online on global issues. She is a regular conference and seminar presenter throughout the US, using her extensive management experience in international marketing, training and organizational change with companies like Ernst & Young, NatWest UK and Aveda (Estee Lauder Companies), to write, advise and train on work life balance strategies. She is also the Social Media Marketing Director for www.powerofmoms.com.

She has blogged with MomsRising.org, the Huffington Post and Corporate Voices for Working Families amongst others. Chrysula’s work will be featured in two books being published in 2011, Dream, Dare, Do: Remarkable Things Can Happen When You Dare To Dream and The 12 Powers of Motherhood. Her professional life began in Sydney, Australia then London, UK. For the last twelve years she has been based in New York and surrounds. She currently lives in Connecticut with her amazing husband and four children ages 3 through 9 years. Above all, Chrysula believes mothers are powerful, and can truly help change the world.