Become a Power of Moms Trainer

Like public speaking?  Enjoy facilitating discussions?  Want to make a real difference in your community?

If so, we need YOU!

Several of our Power of Moms Trainers at a Train-the-Trainer Event

What is a Power of Moms Trainer?

Power of Moms is building up a select group of women across the country who present empowering, meaningful workshops and Retreats for the mothers in their community.  Websites are great – but many moms really crave the opportunity to get together and learn from each other face-to-face!  Using our Power of Moms core curriculum materials, you can make a real difference in your community through serving as a Power of Moms Trainer and putting on events for 15-50 moms at a time.

What Does Power of Moms Provide for Trainers?

We provide our Trainers with everything they need to present excellent workshops and Retreats including:

  • Ongoing training in presentation and facilitation skills (you should come to this position with some serious experience and talent in these areas – but we’ll help you hone those skills)
  • Training materials including outlines for each topic, talking points to cover, and some worksheets for attendees.  Some topics also include PowerPoint presentations and videos that can be shown to attendees to kick off a topic.
  • Marketing ideas to help you spread the word about your events (we’ll help advertise the events you put together on our website and put together registration pages for you – but we rely on our trainers to do some serious local marketing of their events).

The Power of Moms core curriculum outlines and materials used by our trainers include these topics:

  • Taking Care of the “Me” in the “Mom” (creating some “me time” each day when you can pursue your own interests and passions, learning to control your negative thoughts and accept yourself as your own kind of perfect mother, pursuing your passions, and taking care of yourself physically – you can’t draw water from an empty well!)
  • Family Systems that Work (family economy, family rules, family identity – great to present to moms or to couples)
  • Mind Organization for Moms (systems for helping moms live with more purpose, more progress and less stress)
  • “Master the Whirlwind” and “Five Steps to Less Stress” (starter versions of our full Mind Organization program that can be taught well in about an hour)

What Can I Do as a Power of Moms Trainer?

As a Power of Moms Trainer, you can:

  • Present 90-minute to 3-hour mini-retreats in your community. Workshops can be held in homes or in a library or community center. We can help you find a great, free location.
  • Put on a full-day Retreat (usually in conjunction with another Power of Moms Trainer and usually at a home in your community; these events are put on with the assistance of a local planning committee that we can help you put together)
  • Act as a Power of Moms coach.  When moms need one-on-one help setting up their M.O.M. program or family systems, we’ll match them up with one of our trainer/coaches who can work with them via phone, email and in-person.

How Do I Certify as a Power of Moms Trainer?

To certify as one of our Trainers, you’d need to do all of the following:

  • Send us your application (simply email us your answers to the questions at the end of this page)
  • Send us a 3-5 minute video of yourself presenting a concept from one of your favorite articles at Power of Moms (you can upload your video to YouTube and email the link – can be very rough – we just want to catch a glimpse of you in action!)
  • Attend at least one full-day Power of Moms Retreat
  • Attend a full train-the-trainer session (two are held each year, usually one in June and one in September – those whose applications are accepted will be informed of upcoming dates so they can choose which one they’ll attend)
  • Purchase your Trainer Manual and Core Curriculum Materials. We charge a one-time fee of $200 to provide you with initial training as a trainer at the train-the-trainer session you’re required to attend, access to our trainer manual offering step-by-step instructions and timelines for planning, preparing and presenting wonderful workshops, and access to our tried-and-true outlines, power point slides, worksheets, videos and everything you need to offer wonderful workshops on our core curriculum topics.

We recommend that prospective Trainers run a Learning Circle for a few months as a great way to hone their discussion-facilitation skills, get to know the Power of Moms materials, and develop a core group of supporters and friends who can help recruit for the trainer’s workshops and Retreats.

After running your own Learning Circle, attending at least one full-day Retreat, applying and being accepted as a Trainer, and attending a train-the-trainer session, you’ll be considered a certified Power of Moms trainer. We ask that all new trainers assist an experienced trainer in putting on a mini-Retreat or Retreat before attempting to put on her own event. Then Trainers can move on to running their own events in their community, usually starting with evening or 1/2 day mini-Retreats and working up to full-day Retreats if they so desire.

What Does it Cost?

Once you’ve certified as a Power of Moms Trainer (you pay any costs associated with attending a Retreat or two plus $200 for your one-time Trainer start-up fee that pays for the train-the-trainer session you attend and gives you access to the trainer manual and core curriculum materials), your costs are minimal and your opportunities for impacting other moms’ lives while making a little extra money are great. After your start-up costs, you’ll simply pay a portion of what you earn from events you put on back to Power of Moms to help cover their overhead.

MINI-RETREATS, HALF-DAY RETREATS, or FULL-DAY RETREATS: When you put on an event, you do a little research and charge participants what the market will bear in your area (typically $15 – $40 per person for a 2-3 hour mini-Retreat including some refreshments and $50-100 for a full-day Retreat including lunch and snacks). Power of Moms sets up the registration page for the event, collects the money, then gives you 2/3 of all registration fees collected. The 1/3 that Power of Moms keeps helps cover overhead and marketing as well as the set-up for your registration page and covers the coupon code you get to give every attendee for 1/2 off all major Power of Moms programs. The 2/3 that you receive reimburses you for expenses incurred for the event and pays you for your time.

We create a registration page for your events and advertise all upcoming workshops on our website to help you recruit participants. We support you every step of the way but of course, you’ll need to do a lot of leg-work yourself to fill your events.

Who are the current Power of Moms Trainers?

We currently have 50 Power of Moms Trainers.  Some are actively conducting trainings and some are taking a break as they focus more fully on their families for a time.  To see sample bios of our trainers, click HERE.

How do I apply to be a Trainer?

Sound like something you’d like to do?  Contact Tiffany ( with answers to the following questions so we can determine whether you’d be a good match for a trainer position (just copy and paste the questions into an email). Attach your 3-5 minute video to your application email.  We’d love to have you involved!

 Questions for Prospective Trainers:

1.  What experience do you have with teaching, public speaking, and/or facilitating discussions?

2. What experience do you have with event planning?

3.  Do you currently have a Learning Circle?

4.  Why do you want to be a Power of Moms Trainer?

5.  Where do you live?

6.  What would  you like to do as a Power of Moms Trainer?  Which topics appeal most to you?  What size/location do you envision for the training events you’d conduct?

7.  How would you envision spreading the word about your events? What social media would you use? What networks/groups would you work with in your community?

8.  Share a few things about yourself (i.e. number and ages of your kids, educational background, work experience, favorite things to do, blog or website address if you have one).

9.  Have you attended a Power of Moms Retreat? If so, which one(s)?

10. If selected to be a Trainer, would you be able to commit to attend an upcoming Train-the-Trainer meeting at your own expense? (likely a half-day Saturday meeting in Utah where most of our experienced trainers currently live)

*** Remember, you must include a 3-5 minute video of yourself presenting on a motherhood concept (simply choose an article on Power of Moms to talk about in an engaging way if you like). Simply make a video, upload to YouTube, and send the link to the video with your application.