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Welcome to our Submission Information Page! Power of Moms posts new content from our contributors almost every single day–on a variety of topics and in a variety of formats.

Our goal? Strengthen deliberate mothers…and have a lot of fun in the process.

Please read through our guidelines below to get a clear picture of what we publish, and then send your submissions to our editing team. We look forward to hearing from you!


Some introductory information:

The submissions we publish will be different than what you will find on most motherhood-related websites. Our focus is not on how to decorate, cook, potty-train, clean, etc., but to strengthen the woman inside the mother and inspire her to excellence. Please be sure to read thoroughly through our site so you get a feel for our tone and perspective.

Submission Topics

(1) Taking Care of You

  • Being Your Own Kind of Perfect
  • Getting Through Hard Times
  • Finding More Joy
  • Your Body

(2) Organizing

  • Your Brain
  • Your Time
  • Your Stuff

(3) Parenting and Family Life

  • Building Relationships
  • Routines Structures and Rules
  • Family Activities and Traditions
  • Teaching Values/Character

(4) Connecting With Others

How do you connect with other mothers and learn from them?

(5) Peace, Purpose, Order, and Joy

We believe in four key principles, which encompass our Twelve Powers of Motherhood.

  • PEACE – Acceptance, Love, and Patience
  • PURPOSE – Individuality, Intention, Progress
  • ORDER – Balance, Priorities, and Organization
  • JOY – Fun, Optimism, and Moments

You can read through the Twelve Powers page for a variety of writing prompts.

(6) Humor in Motherhood

We’ve discovered that moms want to LAUGH, so if you have a crazy experience, an honest example of how you’re not perfect, or just some humorous observations to share, we want to hear it.

(7) Advice for Specific Ages and Stages

A wide variety of mothers visit our site, and we want them to find great resources that are relevant to their lives. Again, we don’t publish things like “How to Tell if Your Baby Has Colic” (because a lot of other sites do that very well) but we would publish something like, “How to Thrive as a Family During the First Six Months.” Here are the ages and stages we’ve identified so far:

  • First-time and expectant mothers
  • Newborns/babies
  • Toddlers
  • School-age children
  • Teens
  • Empty-nesters/those parenting adults
  • Grandparents
  • Mothers of children with special needs
  • Mothers of adopted children
  • Work-life balance
  • Blended families
  • Single parenting

(8) Timely Topics

Is there something going on in the news or being discussed on blogs that you think should be addressed on Power of Moms? We welcome posts on these topics, but please remember that our goal is to find common ground among mothers and add valuable perspectives–not to create controversy.

(9) Holiday or Seasonal Advice

What are your best ideas for strengthening mothers and families during specific times of the year? We love posts about great family traditions, tips to reduce stress during the holidays, and ways to find meaning in family living throughout the year.

(10) Spiritual Sundays

Each Sunday, we post perspectives from a wide variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds. Have you had a specific experience where you felt a Higher Power assisting you in your family work? We invite you to share it in a principle-based way that can apply to moms of any religion.

Submission Formats

Once you’ve identified the topic you’d like to cover, you may make your submission in a variety of ways:

(1) Picture Stories

These are simply photographs from family experiences with a short paragraph describing each picture. Your picture story should offer a quick, beautiful glimpse into your life as a mother through the image and words. (Word count: 300)

(2) Essays

We want to feature your experiences here–and help other mothers apply what you learned through those experiences. Take us into your life. Include photographs, where possible, and help us to feel what you feel. Show us (don’t tell us) how to be deliberate mothers. We’re looking for a tone that is thoughtful, well-organized, optimistic, down-to-earth, and inspiring. We are also looking for posts that are principle-based and apply to a wide variety of mothers. We’re here to unite mothers. At the end of your post, please include a challenge and a question for the readers. (Word count: 700-1,000)

(3) Book Summaries

These include a brief write-up and overall explanation of books that deliberate mothers would want to read. Please click here to see the format we’d like you to use. (Word count: 700)

(4) Book Excerpts

If you read a deliberate-motherhood-related book and find a section you love, please type it up and send it in! We’ll ask permission from the author before we publish it. (This will be a great way to help them promote their books, and most authors are happy to participate.)

(5) Deliberate Mothering Videos

Simply record a 2-5-minute video of yourself teaching about your selected topic and upload it to YouTube. Then send us the link! (Please link to a specific video, not a youtube channel.) We’ll get in touch with you regarding other formatting needs. Examples are as follows:

  • How to structure play time for small children
  • How to set up a schedule that enables you to be “available” so your teens will want to talk
  • How to get the whole family to help bring in the groceries
  • How to establish a journal-writing tradition within your family
  • How to make “Family Game Night” happen

(6) Podcasts with Established Bloggers or Authors

Do you have a favorite blogger or author you’d love to hear featured on a Power of Moms podcast? Or are YOU an established blogger/author who would like to share some ideas with our community? Submit the name of the person (or YOUR name) and blog url, plus 3-5 questions you’d love us to ask during the recording.

Submission Process and Guidelines

We like to give our editing team enough lead time to carefully polish your material and prepare it for the site. We especially encourage articles that have been published elsewhere. Please send in your submissions two months in advance of when it would ideally be published. (For example, if you’ve got some great Valentine’s Day ideas, you’ll want to send them in by the first of December.) Here’s the basic process we’d like you to follow:

(1) Prepare your submission using the guidelines above.

If you need help finding time to write, we’ve got you covered.

(2) Paste your submission directly into the body of your email.

Please, no Word attachments. We do accept links to blog posts and videos, but please link to the specific item you would like us to consider—not to your full blog or YouTube channel. The subject of the email should be the title of the submission and your name. Please include the title/author/type of submission/other details in the body of the submission. If you would like to submit using Google Drive, the document title should be the title of your submission and your name. Please share your finished document with Please make sure has permission to edit your document.

(3) Add a photo (or photos).

Each post needs at least one accompanying photo (more, if possible). We really would love for you to include your personal photos–it doesn’t matter if they are “professional.” Please attach photos to your email or post them on your blog and send us the link.

(4) Email your finished product to

You’ll receive a brief auto-responder letting you know your submission arrived safely. Please be assured that if you received the auto-response, we DID receive your submission and it will be read by at least two editors. Because of the large number of submissions we receive, we will not personally respond to every submission. At this time, we are only responding to submissions we accept for publication. Power of Moms reserves the right to edit submissions for length, structure, grammar, tone, etc., but we’ll send you a link to the edited version for approval before it goes live.

(5) Register here on the website and add a head shot to Gravatar.

Once you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email asking you to click on a link. Please follow the instructions to finish setting up your account. Should your submission be chosen for publication, we will not be able to list you as an author until you have added yourself to our system. (We can help out here if necessary.) We use Gravatar for our authors’ headshots. Many sites (including ours) can automatically insert a photo of you that has been uploaded through It’s free and simple, and as long as your email address with them is the same as it is with us, we’ll be all set.

(6) We’d also love to connect with you through our Power of Moms Author Newsletter (this is separate from our general newsletter).

Each month, we email an “Author Call-Out” with specific ideas and prompts we’d like to feature on our website. We’ve found that many moms like a little reminder and a deadline, so if you aren’t quite ready to submit something now, but you’d like to be invited to do so, please fill out this form:

(7) When your submission is accepted, pick your free program.

We compensate our authors with our online programs, so for each submission that is accepted, you may choose one program from our Store Page. We are also happy to link to your blog or website in your byline.

You will keep the copyrights, but we will publish it on Power of Moms and possibly under the Power of Moms brand on partner sites. You will be notified regarding any additional publications. There may be additional opportunities for your posts to appear in published Power of Moms books. (We will notify you and ask permission as those opportunities become available.)

If your post is not accepted for publication on Power of Moms, please do not be discouraged. We are not able to post everything that we receive, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t do a wonderful job. Please consider posting on (or starting) your own blog, as well. There are lots of ways to strengthen mothers!

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our Content Director, Sarah Monson, at sarah.monson (at)

Your voice is powerful. Your voice means something to mothers out there who need exactly what you have to offer. Thanks for considering joining our team of contributors!




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