Donate to the Empower Program

Our mission at The Power of Moms is to empower mothers worldwide by helping them become more deliberate in their motherhood and womanhood. We love what we do, and it’s a privilege to work with thousands of mothers around the world in such a great cause.

Our site is mostly run by volunteers and we spend as frugally as possible, but building our organization requires a considerable investment of time and money.  Through our “Empower Program,” we welcome donations to help us keep the majority of our website content totally free to all moms and to help us meet the needs of moms who want to participate but cannot afford to pay full price for our paid programs and events.

Here’s how it works:

(1) If you would like to support The Power of Moms, you can simply send funds to our PayPal account, using the email address,  If you’d rather send a check, simply email or saren@powerofmoms for instructions on where to send your check.

(2) We earmark the donations received to help provide programs, memberships, and Retreat discounts to women who want to be more deliberate mothers, but who are struggling financially.  Thanks to your donation, when we receive an email from a mom who really wants to sign up for one of our programs or events but is not in the financial position to do so (we receive these frequently), we will be able to offer her the chance to pay what she can for the program or event.  Your donation will take care of what she cannot pay.

(3) We will list your name and/or organization (or the person in whose name you’d like to make a donation) on our donor page HERE, and we’ll send a report at the end of each year to those who have donated–letting you know how your funds have helped to support mothers and families. (Please note that we update our Donor page monthly – so you may not see your name appear right away.)

Please note that The Power of Moms is an LLC, and donations are not tax-deductible.  Thanks for considering this invitation to donate.  We are committed to building this organization and appreciate your help!


April and Saren