Deliberate Mothering Tips

Our readers here at The Power of Moms have been asking us over and over again for quick, simple deliberate mothering tips.

We’re working on it – but we need YOUR help!

Please submit videos showing how things work in YOUR family so we can all learn from each other.

Thanks to our new Deliberate Mothering Videos, even if moms don’t quite have the time to listen to a podcast or read a full article, they can get some practical, meaningful ideas to help you raise a family with peace, purpose, order, and joy.

Since we sure don’t have all the answers, we want to learn from you!  Please check out the following examples of Deliberate Mothering Tip Videos, and then read below for information about how YOU can share your experiences and simple ideas with The Power of Moms Community.  And please forward this page along to other moms who have great ideas to share!

The Loosli Family Laundry Routine

Getting Through the Dinner Hour Without Screaming

The Loosli Family After-School Routine

Want to share some tips of your own?  Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Short videos (3-4 minutes is ideal) where you demonstrate quick tips for being more deliberate as a mother. Videos should have captions helping emphasize main points and should be clear and concise.  Along with videos, we welcome submissions of a photograph or a short series of photos accompanied by a brief explanation (for example, you could send a photo of your family’s job chart and a paragraph about how it works).  It seriously takes about 10 minutes to make a video and you and your kids will have so much fun doing it!  Your video doesn’t need to be edited or super-professional.  Your house doesn’t need to be super-clean.  Your words don’t need to be super-eloquent.  We’re looking for REAL moms and REAL kids sharing simple tried-and-true ideas that other moms might find helpful.
  • Please remember that we are looking for motherhood-specific ideas (for example, we wouldn’t post “How to Organize a Closet,” but we would post, “Organizing the Closet as a Fun Family Activity.”)
  • We welcome a wide variety of ideas.  Some suggestions would include meaningful bedtime rituals, starting the day with a smile, creating healthy menus with your children, family date nights, showing gratitude, helping kids remember to do their jobs around the house, celebrating milestones, keeping in touch with relatives, remembering ancestors, money management systems for children/teenagers, ideas for family dinner time, making time for family reading, family etiquette training . . . are you getting excited?
  • If you’d like to submit your video, please upload it to YouTube and then email the link to submissions (at)  No need to attribute your video to Power of Moms.  We’ll add the title screen with our Power of Moms logo to videos before putting them up on our site. As a little token of our thanks, we’ll give a FREE one-year subscription to the Bloom Game to everyone who makes a submission that we’re able to use on our website.