Celebrate Your Strengths: Episode 34

April’s article, Your Children Want YOU, struck a serious chord with moms. Over the past year, almost two million mothers have read and shared it.

In this podcast, Saren and April, the founders of The Power of Moms, discuss thoughts on why this post went viral and what moms can to do avoid the “compare snare” and celebrate the unique strengths they bring to their families while still enjoying the wonderful things that the Internet and social media has to offer.


Referenced in the podcast are the following resources that will help you do some self-evaluation, celebrate your strengths, and work towards becoming more of what you really want to be:

Celebrate Your Strengths Worksheet






This simple worksheet will take you about 10 minutes to fill out and can really help you change the way you view yourself.

The Bloom Game

Use the online self-assessment tool in this program to think through your strengths and examine the areas where you’d like to improve. Then we’ll help you set bite-sized goals to move you towards the things you want and need for yourself, your family and your pursuits beyond your home.

You Deserve a Cheer

Take 30 seconds to type in something you’ve accomplished lately and get some validation in a fun way!

motherhoodrealized“Viral post ‘Your Children Want YOU!’ also available in this brand new book by Power of Moms releasing April 8th. Click here for a free chapter and beautiful video.”

Music from Creations by Michael R. Hicks.

Audio Editing by Christy Elder


  1. says

    I have just now been able to read the article and listen…how do you always know what I need right when I really need to hear/read/experience it most?!

  2. shondaet says

    I am looking forward to listening to this podcast and doing the worksheet. I am feeling a little discouraged as a mother of two little ones right now.

  3. says

    This was exactly what I needed today! I like to listen to your podcasts while exercising because I feel energized and ready to try something new. Today particularly was a struggle, dealing with various issues, and my list of things I’m NOT seemed infinitely longer than things I AM. Needing something to pick me up, I was thrilled to see this podcast and it really resonated with where I’m at right now. My problem is not in the comparison but in being too hard on myself. I am more determined to keep trying and to truly celebrate my strengths and help my children celebrate theirs. Thanks for all you do!

    • April Perry says

      Thanks so much, Gretel. You’re describing an internal struggle that is ONGOING. But I have confidence that this movement of deliberate motherhood has the power to help ALL of us get over it. :) Thanks for listening! If you get a chance to post a review and a rating on iTunes, that would be awesome. xoxo

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