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Millie Killpack: Redefining Perfect, Miracle, and Normal

Millie Killpack has four children; the youngest two have spina bifida. Despite the grief she sometimes feels for the struggles her children face, Millie tries to make sure their family’s additional challenges don’t keep them from progressing and having fun along the way.

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Mary Jo Hartle: The Power of Unconditional Love

In one of our most poignant spotlights yet, Mary Jo Hartle–who is blind, as is her husband–describes the joys and trials of raising her daughter. We loved everything Mary Jo had to say, so we invite you to set aside some time to read this extended spotlight.


Julie Parkinson: Striving for Balance

Julie has a large family with a big age span. She’s learned to value consistency and strives to keep the family dynamics in tact while her children pursue extra-curricular activities.

Laurie Snider

Laurie Snider: Love, Kindness, and Respect

Laurie Snider never wanted to her six children to doubt her love for them. So she decided to stop yelling and make sure everything she said to them was said calmly and lovingly. She gave them, in the words of one of her daughters, a childhood that was like a big sparkly cloud of love, kindness, and respect.

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LaRee Florence: Willing To Do What’s Needed

LaRee Florence didn’t plan on becoming an award-winning theater director. All she asked is, “What is needed?” Turns out her daughter needed to become an actress, and her community needed a family-friendly youth theater company.

Rachel Nielson

Rachel Nielson: A Mother, A Writer

I love to write, and I have made that passion central to my experience as a mother. My writing is not only for my children; it is also for me. My #1 coping strategy during the challenges of life is writing.