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Climbing 1

Spiritual Sundays: Climbing Mother

Motherhood reveals a person inside you didn’t know was there. One that scares you some days. But mostly, one that is stronger, steadier, more compassionate. One that knows sacrifice. One that knows real needs. One that knows a love impossible to describe.


Power of Moms Pick: this is heavy. but we are also strong

All mothers have days–probably a LOT of days–where we say to ourselves, “This is it. This is all I can handle. I cannot continue.” And then we handle more, we continue. Why? How is this possible? In Laura Kelly Fanucci’s essay, this is heavy. but we are also strong., she offers a thoughtful, poignant answer […]

Book Summary: Showing Heart

Showing Heart is the emotional retelling of a family’s journey through adversity and it is full of so many great messages for mothers. It reminded me that through trials and hardship a family can grow and bond together.

positive mom

Book Summary: The Power of a Positive Mom

The Power of a Positive Mom was a monumental help to supplying extra fuel to my days–it made a definite contribution to my ability to accept challenges, keep a positive outlook, and savor the great things about motherhood as I propel our family forward.