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How can we best manage social media and technology in our homes?

Here at The Power of Moms, we’ve receive numerous questions about how to manage social media and technology in our lives and in the lives of our children. When should kids be able to have a Facebook page or a cell phone? How should we decide what TV shows our kids can watch? Wonderful answers […]

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How Do You Handle Frustration?

We’ve ALL been there. Frustrated to our wit’s end, sometimes we marvel at how expertly our children push us to the breaking point, as though that is their only object in mind. Other times we remember: they are just kids. We would not expect the priorities and agendas of young (or not so young) children […]

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Can our kids learn to love each other?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Focusing on love and friendship is a great way to start out any week. The past couple of days, as I’ve watched my children work away at their Valentines, my thoughts have turned to that special brand of love and friendship developed between children, especially siblings. We all know that sometimes kids […]

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Can you feel the love?

We’ve all heard about the idea of “Love Languages” and how personal styles of communicating love can determine the way we perceive and receive expressions of love from those around us. And as useful as it can be to understand all that, sometimes it is helpful as moms to just recognize the things our husband […]

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How do you handle a child’s negativity?

    Another reader question (We won’t complain!): How does your family deal with incessant complaining? My middle child, age five, is lacking in optimism. In fact, there is rarely anything that escapes her lips that isn’t either negative or a complaint.   I heard myself saying the other day, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t […]

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What helps you to accept the challenges of motherhood?

Many mothers recognize this first-time mom experience: After spending the formative years going to school every day, then pursuing college and/or work interests with notable success, you approach the due date of your first child with every pregnancy/baby-care/child-care/parenting book in hand. You set up the nursery, you register at Target, and life continues on it’s usual […]

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KIDS Vote: What are THEIR favorite holiday traditions?

  Every mom knows that the holiday season is an extra-busy, extra-special  time of year. Busy because we have so many unique activities and traditions to cram into a relatively short amount of time–all while we manage the normal business of daily living! Special because these extra activities form a basis for focused religious observance […]

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Self-education possible for moms?

    Here is another reader question*: I am a young mom, three years out of college. My husband is pursuing a graduate degree, and I am home with our baby. While I am happy that I get to stay home with my son, I often envy my husband, being able to increase his intellect […]

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One more baby?

      This Question was submitted by a reader (we love reader questions!):  You thought you were done.You gave away all of your maternity clothes a year ago, sold the baby swing on Craigslist, and tossed the bottles into the recycling bin.You celebrated when you threw away the last pacifier.You look forward to no […]

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What have you changed in your mothering?

One part of mothering that is just now dawning on me is the continual progression of motherhood. A woman does not instantly become the mother she’s always dreamed of being just because she brings her newborn baby home. A mother must learn and grow, sometimes through painful experiences, many times caused by her own mistakes. […]