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Power of Moms Podcasts have MOVED

To our wonderful friends who have been subscribed to “The Power of Moms Podcasts,” our feed has moved to a brand new location! It can now be found at “Power of Moms Radio” (a bright blue icon on iTunes…with full details at Thanks!

When children's rooms are set up their way, they may not look Pinterest-worthy!

What’s Not That Important? Radio Show Episode 36

What have you realized isn’t as important as it seemed to be at first? We come into motherhood with ideals about how things are going to go – then we realize that some of those ideals just aren’t realistic or aren’t all that important. April and Saren discuss what they’ve “let go” of – and share some funny stories about what they used to be concerned about.


Creating a Snapshot of Gratitude – Radio Show Episode 34

In this Radio Show, April and Saren brainstorm the things they’re most grateful for right now and share what our Facebook community said they’re most grateful for. Plus they share a fun new Thanksgiving tradition that captures what everyone in your family is most grateful for each year (in writing or with a voice recorder) […]

Courage to Fly Book Cover 3D

Courage to Fly – Episode 64

This lively podcast with Power of Moms Co-Director, April Perry, and motivational speaker, Chantelle Adams, will provide some great ideas to help all of us live with more courage, confidence, and compassion.

I (April) love to purchase produce when it's on sale and fill our counters. And my daughter Grace likes to decorate it.

Healthy Eating (and No More “Diets”) – Radio Episode 24

Since healthy eating for themselves and their families is something April and Saren think about and talk about a lot, this week’s radio show is devoted to FOOD. Check out their tried-and-true concrete ideas plus their refreshing emphasis on heath and energy rather than how we look.