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Picture Story: The Money Grab

Tiffany and her husband needed a way to motivate their five children to complete their daily tasks. Merv Griffin has nothing on the game they invented!


Picture Story: Rose Petals

Each of our children’s seasons come with challenges. We are often looking forward to the next phase of life and milestones reached. How do we as mothers step back and savor the quiet moments? Author Kristi Linton reminds us to create special memories with our children before they are gone.


Picture Story: God Dealt Me a Great Hand

When Sarah Hull learned that her first baby would be born with Spina Bifida, her doctor cautioned her, “God did not deal you a good hand.” Sarah and her family have been put in a world that not all get to experience, a world where patience is tested, where miracles are witnessed, and strength is gained. Through it all, she’s realized God dealt her a GREAT hand.


Picture Story: Learning the ABC’s of Motherhood

After becoming a mother for the sixth time, I realized that just as I am patient with a child sounding out an unfamiliar word, I need my children to be patient with me as I try to slowly sound out how life should flow with six small children.


Picture Story: Our Journey with TSC

My husband and I were so excited when our first child was born. I would dream about what his first words would be, when he would start walking, what his favorite sport would be…I did not expect that at three months old, he would start having seizures and would be diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC).


Picture Story: Leaving His Legacy

While I don’t share any of his DNA, I’m forever indebted to the man who moved forward into the unknown, but stopped for a minute to teach me that life is short, joy is intentional, and it’s never too late for a quick game of hide-and-seek.

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Picture Story: OCD Remedy = Beets

Are you the mother who follows your child around with the wet wipes? Do you find yourself a little OCD with the messes? Author Denhi Chaney shares her experience of defining patience.

He Just Wants Me Photo (2)

Picture Story: He Just Wants Me

All too often I try to occupy my son with toys and movies so that I can get my chores done. But even if he had all the toys in the world, he still would not be completely happy.


Picture Story: Bedtime Gestures of Love

No matter how bad my day may have been, I have this one moment that I look forward to each night. It is something special to both of us. At the end of a crazy day, this is the moment that grounds me.