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Finding Reasons to Dance

Sometimes in the midst of the storm it is difficult to find reasons to dance. Read about one mother’s experience in finding joy despite frustration and setbacks.

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How to Make Progress Like a Spider

A woman progressing is like a spider molting. Her old ways don’t work anymore, just like the outer skin of a spider becomes too small for its growing body.Molting is a natural process, but it involves pain, conviction, and patience.


3 Tips for Balancing the Hats in Life

My hats include my roles as a writer, mother, business owner, wife, volunteer, homemaker, and teacher. Some days, I feel like I wear all my hats with ease. Most days, I feel like I am scrambling to get everything done. These three practical solutions have helped me maintain some balance in my life.


8 Tips for When the Long Days Get Longer

Days seem a lot longer when you are parenting by yourself! Marinda Bush shares, “Without this time ‘alone’ I never would have known that I am brave, strong, confident, resourceful and independent. I’ve been pushed in ways I wouldn’t have chosen for myself.”

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The Inadvertent Athlete

Are you intimidated when it comes to trying new things? Christina took up tennis at age 43, and it has become her lifeline. Her story offers great motivation to help you get out there and try something new!


Picture Story: Learning the ABC’s of Motherhood

After becoming a mother for the sixth time, I realized that just as I am patient with a child sounding out an unfamiliar word, I need my children to be patient with me as I try to slowly sound out how life should flow with six small children.


Discovering the Super Mom In Me

With as many times as we mess up in a day, sometimes it’s hard to believe we can be super. But as we dig a little deeper, we find the superpowers of motherhood that can conquer the world…or at least save the day.

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How to Become Less Judgmental in Nine “Easy” Years

As a new mom, I noticed all the little flaws in other people’s parenting because I was unsure of my own skills. But now, nine years into my parenting journey, I’ve learned that, on some days, just getting out of the house with everyone wearing shoes is a victory.


Humbled By the Unexpected

Before Nate’s birth, I had what I thought was a pretty good life. I had a husband who was working two jobs to take care of our family, two sweet little girls, and a home we loved. But I didn’t realize how shallow I had become.

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Progressing Through Motherhood By Setting Objectives

After two months of being a mom, I realized my hopes about motherhood were nothing more than nice thoughts. I desired progression, but with no clear destination, that desire seemed to only fuel my feelings of inadequacy. It was then I realized what I was missing: goals.