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big things are made out of litle things

Big Things are Made out of Little Things

I love my kids and I’m grateful that my dream of having a family had come true. But when I was younger, mothering didn’t come as naturally to me. Then, I read a quote by Mother Teresa that stuck with me and I realized that my purpose in life was under my nose.

When children's rooms are set up their way, they may not look Pinterest-worthy!

What’s Not That Important? Radio Show Episode 36

What have you realized isn’t as important as it seemed to be at first? We come into motherhood with ideals about how things are going to go – then we realize that some of those ideals just aren’t realistic or aren’t all that important. April and Saren discuss what they’ve “let go” of – and share some funny stories about what they used to be concerned about.

Got teenagers? You need this.

Growth Means Growing Pains for Child–and Parent

Because we expect “progress” to mean “improvement,” we sometimes forget that growth means “growing pains” both physically and emotionally for both parent and child. Just as my son’s joints ached as he grew four inches over a summer, so too do we hurt sometimes as we stretch to new heights in our lives together.


The $100 Allowance (Part 2)

Last year, Amy Makechnie’s 13-year-old daughter requested a lump sum allowance of $100. So, how did the experiment turn out? Read the follow up to Amy’s popular post.


Building Grit in our Kids

What’s the key to success? It’s not talent or good looks or social skills. It’s GRIT. Saren shares a story about how she’s working to build grit in her family.



Do you ever wish you had your own personal cheerleader as a mother? Someone to cheer you on when you seem to be losing the daily battle? Learning to pat yourself on the back when no one else does is a hard, and much needed task, for any mother. In her article, “WOW MOM” Power of Moms Author Elsje Denison shows how putting a little more “WOW” into our daily lives can help us progress in our goals of motherhood.

help wanted

Learning to Accept Help from Others

As mothers, we sometimes put so much pressure on our own shoulders to appear as though we have it all together…while on the inside we are screaming for a little help. Sometimes that help has already been offered, but we turned it down in order to maintain a facade.

Matthew Easter eggs

Finding Reasons to Dance

Sometimes in the midst of the storm it is difficult to find reasons to dance. Read about one mother’s experience in finding joy despite frustration and setbacks.

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How to Make Progress Like a Spider

A woman progressing is like a spider molting. Her old ways don’t work anymore, just like the outer skin of a spider becomes too small for its growing body.Molting is a natural process, but it involves pain, conviction, and patience.