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S.M.A.R.T. Goals – Episode 92

Are you thinking about what you REALLY want for the coming year? Join April and Saren for a down-to-earth heart-to-heart talk about how to set and achieve meaningful goals.

Vision for the Week

How Can a Busy Mom Stay Focused? Episode 82

Ever feel like you move from one task to the next, but never actually get the most important things done? We’ve been there, too. Join our conversation on how to reverse this . . . even as a busy mother.


How Moms Can Go “Back to School” Too

As the school year starts, we help our children embrace new learning opportunities and friendships while helping them get organized and set up for success. Here are some simple ideas to help YOU enjoy more learning, friends and organization too!

Book Summary: The Element

Ken Robinson’s book focuses on teaching why it is so important that we find what we are passionate about–our “element.” He explains how creativity is vital to a fulfilling life, and how there are limitless types of intelligence and ways of being creative–in other words, no one is stupid or unimaginative.

Built to

Built to Last

Are you outlasting the challenges of motherhood? Or is your endurance in need of some work? As mothers, we need to remember that we are built for the long haul—to outlast the hard moments, days, weeks, and years we have before us. We are built to last.

How can you create space in the new year?

A Powerful Alternative to Setting Goals

I grew up thinking that the mandatory requirement of New Year’s Day was to create a long list of resolutions. So I did. And I still do. (Because it’s a habit…and because it’s fun.) But what I’ve come to learn over the past few years is that there’s an amazingly powerful process that helps me […]

big things are made out of litle things

Big Things are Made out of Little Things

I love my kids and I’m grateful that my dream of having a family had come true. But when I was younger, mothering didn’t come as naturally to me. Then, I read a quote by Mother Teresa that stuck with me and I realized that my purpose in life was under my nose.

When children's rooms are set up their way, they may not look Pinterest-worthy!

What’s Not That Important? Radio Show Episode 36

What have you realized isn’t as important as it seemed to be at first? We come into motherhood with ideals about how things are going to go – then we realize that some of those ideals just aren’t realistic or aren’t all that important. April and Saren discuss what they’ve “let go” of – and share some funny stories about what they used to be concerned about.