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“The Witching Hour”- Episode 63

In this episode, April and Saren share memories and helpful strategies to help you get through that late afternoon “witching hour” and/or transform it into a positive part of your day.

Mary Jenkins is the incredible mother of two children who have been diagnosed with autism.

One Mom’s Journey with Autism: Episode 49

In this podcast April Perry with Mary Jenkins discuss how The Power of Moms has helped create more structure in her family. She also talks about her favorite resources for children with autism, and provides encouragement for other mothers as well.

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Landing Gratitude

Why didn’t life go my way? Our accountant made an error and we owed $10,000 in taxes due that day! I wish I could tell you what happened inside my head that day and all I can say is I think I finally landed gratitude.

How to overcome "compassion fatigue" as mothers.

Compassion In Neverland

Are there days when you just want to tell your kids to dust off the boo-boo themselves, even though you see a pinprick of blood on their knee and a puddle of tears behind their eyes? Author Amy Fonseca gives advice on how to overcome “compassion fatigue” as mothers.

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My sweet, darling baby boy has recently learned the words “NO!” and “UUGH!” and “MINE!” To his credit, he applies them appropriately. Just at inappropriate times. So, after going through this phase multiple times, here’s what I’ve discovered.

Our best mothering memories are from real life, not ideal life.

Picture Story: Ideal vs. Real

Are we so focused on creating the perfect memory to share with our children that we miss the special daily moments? Author Bethany Struthers shares how our best mothering memories will be created from real life as we exercise some patience and shift our priorities.

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Light IN the Tunnel

Do you ever feel like you’re in a tunnel, and life as a mother just feels dark, low, and uncertain? Here are my very best ideas for making those tunnels into refining moments that are full of light.


What Would the Trees Say?

When Tiffany was six years old, her dad took a photograph of her brother “holding up” a tree while they were vacationing in a small canyon. Some 35 years later, Tiffany and her family were in that same canyon. Remembering that photo taught Tiffany a poignant lesson about our attempts to raise our families.

What anger management techniques work in your family?

I Was So Mad!

Do you ever feel like anger has a domino effect in your home? Kobie Hatch shares four powerful steps she used to teach and model anger management skills in her home.