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Introduction to the Power of Moments

Discovering the power of moments is about learning to “live in the moment” — to recognize and make meaningful those brief moments in time with our families, especially our young children who grow up so fast.

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The Lost Toy

Sometimes in the daily routine of being moms, we forget to take a moment for ourselves. Here’s how one mom remembered that in order for her family to thrive, she needed to thrive as well.

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Redeeming Moments

It’s tempting to sink into despair when your kids can’t seem to get along no matter what you try or when they consistently fall short of your expectations. But just when things get looking pretty bleak on the mothering front, out of nowhere comes a redeeming moment.

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What I’ve Said Today

Sometimes joy in motherhood comes in unexpected ways, such as realizing your family isn’t the only strange one! If you need a laugh, enjoy this humorous post by author Sadie McCurry, as she shares the funny phrases that have come out of her mouth.


Picture Story: Rose Petals

Each of our children’s seasons come with challenges. We are often looking forward to the next phase of life and milestones reached. How do we as mothers step back and savor the quiet moments? Author Kristi Linton reminds us to create special memories with our children before they are gone.

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One-on-One Time with Our Kids: Why We Must and How We Can

It was hard to believe this morning as I was racing to the high school with my oldest daughter and giving her a “talking to” about getting in bed earlier so she wouldn’t miss her bus in the mornings that this time last week we were having the time of our lives together on a […]


I See the Moon

I’m fading fast. So I leave the computer and head upstairs to my twin girls’ bedroom. I turn the door quietly and return a lost doll to her cradle. As I pull Ali’s covers over her, I notice the moonlight, liquid blue, rolling in waves across her hands. I flick the blind slats and peer through the window to find the source, big and beaming, sailing over the mountain, illuminating the clouds below.

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Spiritual Sundays: Lessons From A Paper Cup

Editor’s Note: The Power of Moms is a website for mothers of all religious preferences. Our Spiritual Sundays section is a place where our authors can write about thoughts that are more spiritual in nature, and our goal is to gather a wide variety of perspectives. If you (or someone you know) has something to […]

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Growing Pains

As mothers, sometimes it seems like we blink and our children have grown and changed right before our eyes. Kortni Miller reminds us to savor each of our children’s moments in her article “Growing Pains,” as she draws attention to the seemingly small things we can savor in everyday life as mothers.


Appreciating the Now (video included)

Learning to live in the present and appreciate the now is not as easy as it sounds. In the past, I’ve described myself as a frustrated perfectionist who is constantly vacillating between my desire to get things done and my desire to enjoy the moment before it’s gone. These are the things that have helped me (at times) to do just that.