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Teaching moments for you and our child.

Stiff Laundry, Soft Lessons

How can we restore family harmony in the face of discord? Melissa Carter shares what one experience taught her about family relationships, daily tasks, and mothering instincts.

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There’s No Place Like Home

After getting back from a conference, April realized that while it’s great to get away for a while, nothing compares to the love a mommy gets in her own home. It can be hard to be needed all the time by our families. But it’s also really wonderful to be needed!


Relax! It Won’t Last Forever

I hate sticky floors. But during a trip to Target, I realized that sticky floors–and whatever else is wearing my patience thin–won’t last forever.

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My sweet, darling baby boy has recently learned the words “NO!” and “UUGH!” and “MINE!” To his credit, he applies them appropriately. Just at inappropriate times. So, after going through this phase multiple times, here’s what I’ve discovered.

Our best mothering memories are from real life, not ideal life.

Picture Story: Ideal vs. Real

Are we so focused on creating the perfect memory to share with our children that we miss the special daily moments? Author Bethany Struthers shares how our best mothering memories will be created from real life as we exercise some patience and shift our priorities.

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These Glory Days

My days were a blur of breastfeeding, dressing, bathing, feeding, dirty diapers, laundry, and little messes. I had never been busier in my entire life, and yet I had never felt more unproductive. Where were my glory days?

Christmas Tree

Get Out of the Way and Let the Magic Happen

You can’t force a moment. I know this but sometimes I still try. Yesterday there were lots of not-so-good moments. The kids were cranky and needy and I worked hard all day but didn’t feel like I got much done. We were late to everything because of domino effects of dumb little things that kept […]

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Advent Transformed

I’d always believed that Advent was about preparing for what lies ahead, pausing in winter darkness to welcome the light. But when we started to journey through the dark years of infertility, waiting took on a weightier meaning…[and] when I discovered the surprise, the total shock of new life fluttering deep within me, I caught a different glimmer of Advent’s waiting.


A Happy Mother is a Very Nice Gift

The other day we were going to the store to buy garland for our banister. I wanted to make our home look homey and festive…so my children would feel the “holiday spirit” in our home. However, the children had other ideas in mind.

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Small Tradition, Big Joy: Unique Story Ornaments

A Ryder moving van, a Wheel of Fortune, a torched Hot Wheels car: what decorates your Christmas tree? It’s the treasured little things that bring us together for the holidays, and author Kim Hall shares how they have made “Story Ornaments” a beloved family tradition.