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Are You Feeding Your Child?

My experiences caring for foster children and adopting our two boys has changed my thoughts and feelings on the question of feeding infants.


Three Ways To Support Children in their Interests

The story behind our second child turning his city-raised parents into pseudo-farmers is a story for another day. But in the course of that happening, I have learned a few things that may be valuable to other parents, regardless of whether their children own goats, swim competitively, or perform with a marching band.

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Why I Stopped Reading Mommy Blogs

I understand that many moms read blogs for ideas and inspiration. I get that. I really do. But, if you have a personality like mine, you will want to try and incorporate every last great idea out there and risk not doing the most important thing for your family. (Whatever that is.)

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Celebrate Your Strengths: Episode 34

April’s article, Your Children Want YOU, struck a serious chord with moms. Over the past year, almost two million mothers have read and shared it. In this podcast, Saren and April, the founders of The Power of Moms, discuss thoughts on why this post went viral and what moms can to do avoid the “compare snare” and celebrate the unique strengths they […]


5 Tips for Extroverts Raising Introverts (video included!)

What does it look like when an extroverted mother tries to raise an introverted child? For me, not so pretty at first. I’m still learning and adjusting my own behavior, but I’d like to share with you five tips that I think every extroverted mother should know when raising an introverted child.