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Learning to Accept Help from Others

As mothers, we sometimes put so much pressure on our own shoulders to appear as though we have it all together…while on the inside we are screaming for a little help. Sometimes that help has already been offered, but we turned it down in order to maintain a facade.


Picture Story: Their Own Tribe

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I immediately became concerned for my other three children. How could I help them feel loved when I had two new babies to care for?


3 Tips for Balancing the Hats in Life

My hats include my roles as a writer, mother, business owner, wife, volunteer, homemaker, and teacher. Some days, I feel like I wear all my hats with ease. Most days, I feel like I am scrambling to get everything done. These three practical solutions have helped me maintain some balance in my life.

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Develop a System for Balance

How often do you find yourself feeling out of balance? It feels as though there are so many things in your envelope that you just can’t cram in one more thing, but somehow you manage to do it anyway. Your life is full of “stuff” and sometimes you feel that you are in the thick […]

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If I Had Four More Arms and One More Brain

“If I had four more arms and one more brain, I might be able to help you.”  This phrase is uttered a lot around my house lately. With five children demanding my attention and help throughout the day, the playing field is very lopsided. I often feel like there is just not enough of me […]

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Should We Prioritize Excellence?

A few months ago, I took my children to an amazing concert and watched children perform amazing feats with their instruments. It was breathtaking to see these small people execute extremely difficult music. Then I wondered, do I have a gifted musician in my family?


8 Tips for When the Long Days Get Longer

Days seem a lot longer when you are parenting by yourself! Marinda Bush shares, “Without this time ‘alone’ I never would have known that I am brave, strong, confident, resourceful and independent. I’ve been pushed in ways I wouldn’t have chosen for myself.”

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Forget Balance, Practice Resilience

Achieving balance can be an almost impossible feat for mothers in today’s society. Practicing resilience, however, is not only possible, but also essential in handling everyday adversity and change.

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8 Keys to Building a Strong Support System

Social connections and a strong support system are key to a mother’s health and happiness, but mothers today often live far from “home” and the benefits of a built-in support system. If you’re feeling isolated and lonely, Allyson has eight great tips to building your own network of supportive friends.

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Eight Ways to Achieve Balance as a Single Parent

Are you a single parent who feels like no one is one the other side of the teeter-totter to balance you out? Join author Christina J. Robert as she shares eight strategies for all mothers to maintain balance in both their personal and family lives.