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I Want To Be Fabulously Ordinary

By the proverbial standards of the world, it’s easy to classify the majority of mothers, by virtue of what we do, day in and day out, as ordinary. But make sure you don’t forget to use the word ‘fabulous’ in front of that description.

Got "mommy burnout?" Let go of the baggage and love your life as the Mom.

Let Go and Love

Motherhood can be overwhelming. Many women can feel “mommy burnout” more often than they care to admit. Author Amy H. Fonseca relates her experiences with mothering and how the process of “letting go” of our baggage and stress can help us see motherhood in a new light.

Put your Granny glasses on and try a better perspective.

The “Grandma” Version of Yourself

When life gets overwhelming, sometimes it is necessary to gain a new perspective. The “grandma version” of ourselves is wise and witty and helps us to achieve the balance we need to survive the years until we do indeed become grandparents.

Optimism + Discipline = Help with the Hard Stuff.

The Stockdale Paradox

Motherhood is often punctuated by challenges, sometimes small and mundane and sometimes lasting and heart-wrenching. How can we get through them? The Stockdale Paradox, a mix of optimism and discipline, could be part of your solution.


Midlife Mom Blues (with video!)

We’ve all heard of postpartum baby blues, but what about mid-life mom blues? Allyson Reynolds gives 5 reasons her newest stage of motherhood (her youngest child started school last fall) is keeping her on her toes…and 5 reasons it’s also really awesome.


Why I’m Grateful for Amy Glass

There’s a post going viral called “I Look Down on Young Women with Husbands and Kids and I’m Not Sorry.” It’s obviously stirred up quite a frenzied discussion. Here’s a respectful response from Power of Moms.

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I’m No Better Than You Are

Recently in a meeting, I happened to glance at the notes that were being taken by a lady in front of me.  Several of the notes she had written down were goals to be a better mother to her children.  I suddenly became squeamish in my seat.  It wasn’t the goals themselves that caused my discomfort, […]

What!? Take care of me first?!

Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Without nurturing their own energy, passion, and health–and without setting limits on their own activity–women are useful to no one. Self-care is about controlling your own health and happiness. It means the people in your life receive the best of you rather than what is left of you.

What am you doing, as the mother, to shape how your children see themselves?

I See Me in Your Eyes

What we think of ourselves and how we view ourselves begins in our families. What am I doing, as the mother, to shape how my children see themselves? It is not only my voice that becomes my child’s inner voice, but mine is the first.

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Thought Replacement Therapy

I read this article in a magazine last week that really struck a chord with me. It talked about how our thoughts can really drive us forward towards the things we want most – or they can bog us down and hold us back and lead us away from what we really want. Most of […]