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Introduction to October’s Value: Kindness and Friendliness

Kind, friendly people are generally more happy and successful than those who are often unfriendly and unkind. As we help our children work on kindness and friendliness, we’re helping them to grow and stretch in very important ways. Check out these simple, tried-and-true ideas for teaching our children to be a little more kind and friendly.

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Introduction to May’s Value: Courage

We had been talking with our 10-year-old son Talmadge about courage, and I’d been trying, in my long-winded way, to explain the difference between true courage or being a leader for the right.I had been trying to communicate the idea that real bravery was an inner thing, it was then that Talmadge interrupted with…

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Introduction to February’s Value: Love

Introduction Our youngest child is named Charity. We liked the sound of the word as well as its definition of “pure love.” A few weeks before her first birthday we were trying to generate a discussion of love with our older children around the dinner table. What is love? What causes us to feel it […]

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Introduction to January’s Value: Self Discipline

Self-discipline and moderation are two sides of the same coin. Self-discipline is pulling up and away from the laziness of doing too little. Moderation is pulling in and away from the excesses of trying to do or to have too much.

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Introduction to June’s Value: Justice and Mercy

Justice and mercy — these words seem too abstract, multifaceted, maybe even too religious for children to understand. Yet when they are broken down into their simplest form, they are the basic values for every household — the values around which everything else revolves.