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tree roots

Roots and Wings

My son’s first day of school was awful. It made me miss the days when as long as he knew Mom loved him and thought he was special, that was all that mattered.

Book Summary: The Big Disconnect

Through stories from her vast experience as a clinical psychologist and school consultant, author Catherine Steiner-Adair helps us understand that while it’s not necessary to totally eliminate tech, for the survival of our families it is absolutely imperative that we keep it in balance.

How can you create space in the new year?

A Powerful Alternative to Setting Goals

I grew up thinking that the mandatory requirement of New Year’s Day was to create a long list of resolutions. So I did. And I still do. (Because it’s a habit…and because it’s fun.) But what I’ve come to learn over the past few years is that there’s an amazingly powerful process that helps me […]

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Your Influence Matters

Whether you’re enjoying the beautiful moments of the holidays or wading deep in the “hard,” we invite you to let the power and hope of this season reach all the way to your heart–and help you to see how much your influence matters.


Taking (some of) the Stress out of Christmas Day

I think having a totally stress-free holiday as The Mother is completely unrealistic. I don’t expect perfection, but these are a few of the strategies I’m going to employ over the next few days so that I can experience as little stress as possible on the big day.

Christmas Tree

Get Out of the Way and Let the Magic Happen

You can’t force a moment. I know this but sometimes I still try. Yesterday there were lots of not-so-good moments. The kids were cranky and needy and I worked hard all day but didn’t feel like I got much done. We were late to everything because of domino effects of dumb little things that kept […]

Forget making the perfect holiday. Enjoy Christmas WITH your family.

The Holidays: Stop, Simplify, Enjoy

As a mom, you have the opportunity to see the sparkle in your children’s eyes, so be deliberate in what you want to accomplish this season. Don’t be so overwhelmed and overscheduled that you miss it.