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Book Summary: Good Pictures Bad Pictures (with a giveaway!)

No one likes to talk about pornography. No one wants to talk about pornography. But Jenson and Poyner’s book resolved my feelings of fear connected with this difficult subject, and replaced them with a feeling of empowerment. For the first time, I feel confident talking about pornography with my kids.


Halloween at Disneyland (A Power of Moms Review)

Disney Halloween Time bring families in from all over the globe. If you’ve ever considered going, or if you’re currently planning a trip, this post by April (a former Disney Cast Member) is a great place to start!


Pornography: A Totally Doable Plan for Protecting Our Kids – Episode 79

As much as we would like to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that pornography isn’t an issue, that’s simply not an option for deliberate mothers. But there’s great news! Teaching and protecting our children has never been more doable. Listen to this powerful, inspiring podcast with Kristen Jenson, author of Good Pictures […]

Mom Adventures--a new summer tradition.

Mom Adventures

During the summer I sometimes feel guilty when I ignore my children to do housework. Other times I feel frustrated because I give them attention but neglect essential tasks. I realized something needed to change, so I instituted a tradition that has since been the highlight of summer.

A healthier Mom's perspective.

How I Plan to Stop Dieting and Be Healthier

A couple weeks ago I realized that my opinion of my body has almost nothing to do with how it looks and almost everything to do with how I am treating it. Here’s my simple plan for a healthier lifestyle as opposed to a crash diet over the summer.

Choosing joy on Mother's Day.

A Mother’s Day to Remember

A year ago, I was dreading Mother’s Day. But the day turned out quite differently than I had expected. Looking back, I realize it was not because of special treatment I received, but because I made a decision to find joy in the day no matter what.