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Global Mom Book Summary

Book Summary: Global Mom

If you ever dreamed about living abroad with your family–or just want to visit other countries through someone else’s perspective–this book is for you.

who are you

Who Are You, Really?

Think for a moment about your best friend. What makes this person wonderful to you? My guess is that you could get out a pencil and paper right now and make a good solid list of what makes that person unique. Could you do the same for yourself?

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What Size Is Your Plate?

Ever heard the expressions, “I have a lot on my plate” or “My plate is full right now”? During a recent conversation with a friend, I heard a ground-breaking idea. We all have different size plates!

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Don’t Worry about It

In the midst of all the conflicting advice out there about what the best mothering practices are, it’s so easy to constantly second-guess ourselves. Includes a tongue-in-cheek chart that will help you see how silly some of our worries really are.

by the books

When Parenting Isn’t “By the Books”

Before my son was born, I thought that preparation would be the key to parenting…What I hadn’t counted on was that parenting throws curve balls and that all the parenting books in the world aren’t going to help you figure out your own style as a parent.

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The Cardinal Rule of Motherhood

The best part about owning the title of Mother is that we don’t have to be defined solely by motherhood. There is a framework of interests, dreams and passions that make us individuals who are strong enough to stand alone.

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Introduction to The Power of Individuality

A new mother is born right along with that first baby, and figuring out how to mesh your original self with your new self can be a tough and exhilarating journey. That’s where The Power of Individuality comes in. During April, we’ll focus on its relationship to motherhood.

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Your “Personal Best” – Episode 49

What;s your Personal Best? Join April Perry and Andrea Davis as they discuss methods for focusing on our own “personal bests” and giving ourselves relief from trying to measure up to someone else’s standards.