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Picture Story: The Money Grab

Tiffany and her husband needed a way to motivate their five children to complete their daily tasks. Merv Griffin has nothing on the game they invented!


Special Time

With the new school year looming, I found myself mourning the long hours my older daughters would spend away from home. I knew I wanted to set aside time in order to have meaningful interaction with my children, but what? Soon, with a little help, the idea of “Special Time” was born: a simple 15 minutes a day, one daughter at a time.

Book Summary - Last Child in the Woods -

Book Summary: Last Child in the Woods

More than anything, this book motivated me to make time in nature a priority for my family. I hope I can instill in my children an appreciation for this beautiful earth and, by doing so, help them discover who they really are.

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Creating Highlights

As mothers, we do not need to burn ourselves out with expectations that we will plan outrageously fun and magical activities for our children every single day of their lives. Instead, we can plan ‘highlight experiences’ for our children to spice up the monotony of daily life.

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Introduction to The Power of Fun

Sometimes it’s hard to make motherhood FUN. So over the next few months, Power of Moms will devote some time to talk about we can bring a little more fun into motherhood.


How I Enjoy Being a Mother NOW

Fortunately for Tiffany Sowby (and surely for her children), she realized somewhere along the way to stop waiting for the next milestone and enjoy the NOW. Here are four ways that are helping her enjoy being a mother NOW.


Creative Co-ops for Kids and Moms

By organizing rotating playgroups and outings for your children—and yourselves!—you can find some balance, make new friends, and feel like you are thriving—instead of just surviving—those early years of motherhood and beyond.


Power of Moms Pick: Being a “Yes Mom”

We love the idea of saying yes: taking more opportunities to have fun with our children, even when that fun is messy and inconvenient. But how often do we actually say yes? Nicolette, of the blog How Does She?, devoted one day to saying yes.


All Hail the Kangaroo!

I want my kids to feel a sense of belonging. I want them to believe deeply that they are a part of a whole and that they will never be alone in this sometimes lonely, disconnected world. I suppose I could laminate this sentiment on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge, or I could just take down our Kangaroo mask and do a little dance.