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A Money System that Works

Shawni’s tried just about everything when it comes to teaching her kids about work and money. And she’s finally come up with a system that really works.


Picture Story: God Dealt Me a Great Hand

When Sarah Hull learned that her first baby would be born with Spina Bifida, her doctor cautioned her, “God did not deal you a good hand.” Sarah and her family have been put in a world that not all get to experience, a world where patience is tested, where miracles are witnessed, and strength is gained. Through it all, she’s realized God dealt her a GREAT hand.

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When Things Aren’t OK

I’m tired of this being a lonely battle. I know there are other moms out there whose kids face anxiety and depression. And I think that it is time for more understanding about the seriousness and complexity of mental illness.

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How to Become Less Judgmental in Nine “Easy” Years

As a new mom, I noticed all the little flaws in other people’s parenting because I was unsure of my own skills. But now, nine years into my parenting journey, I’ve learned that, on some days, just getting out of the house with everyone wearing shoes is a victory.


Spiritual Sundays: Matzah and Motherhood

During Passover, we retell the ancient story of the Exodus. It’s an old story, brimming with metaphors and themes. But the one that always speaks to me as a mother is the one I crunch into with the matzah:When the time comes, you don’t have to be totally prepared. You just take what you have and go.

Kayden with Pancakes

Unrushed Moments

When I expressed to my husband how frustrated I felt with my toddler’s slow pace and apparent disobedience, he suggested that I just stop talking, stop moving, and watch like a fly on the wall. In the moment when annoyance usually begins, I could just watch my son and see what he’s doing.


The $100 Allowance

In this humorous and inspiring essay, author Amy Makechnie shares her experience of giving her thirteen-year-old daughter a lump sum allowance for the year and watching life lessons unfold.

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The Power of Pause

I miss the way nursing a baby pushes the pause button on my day. Whatever I needed to do in that moment–freezes. Now I have to remind myself to take those pauses…because I have found time and time again that these moments are where the magic of motherhood lies, waiting.

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Spiritual Sundays: There is Enough Oil

Feeling unsure of how to keep up with everything and make the best of each day? Author Amanda Hamilton Roos reminds us that if we remember where to turn when we’re feeling overwhelmed, we will find that we are enough.