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Landing Gratitude

Why didn’t life go my way? Our accountant made an error and we owed $10,000 in taxes due that day! I wish I could tell you what happened inside my head that day and all I can say is I think I finally landed gratitude.


“Good Mom” Redefined (with video!)

If you are one of those moms who feels more than a little discouraged by all the ways you seemingly fall short, I’d like to invite you to spend a few minutes challenging your preconceived notions, casting off unrealistic ideals, and redefining what it means to be a good mom based on your own personal strengths and circumstances.

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My sweet, darling baby boy has recently learned the words “NO!” and “UUGH!” and “MINE!” To his credit, he applies them appropriately. Just at inappropriate times. So, after going through this phase multiple times, here’s what I’ve discovered.


Best Laundry Tips: Episode 29

Listen as April and Saren share their experiences with laundry–alongside lots of concrete tips from our community. There’s no one “right” way, but with all these great ideas, you’re sure to discover tips to make laundry work better in your home!


Procrastination 101: Episode 26

Ever find yourself putting off a big task or project? Wish you could conquer procrastination once and for all? April and Saren share their secret weapon for getting the right things done.

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Our Deeper Yes: Episode 24

Ever feel like you’re spread too thin? Join April and Saren (and our community of deliberate mothers) who share their best ideas for discovering and living by that deeper YES.


“The Bachelorette” and Deliberate Motherhood: Episode 5

Reality TV isn’t the typical way most families begin, but in this exclusive podcast, Trista Sutter (the first “Bachelorette”) shares her happy journey meeting her husband, Ryan, her not-so-simple transition to motherhood, and some great ideas from her book, “Happily Ever After.”

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It’s Going to be Hard – and that’s OK

This has been a crazy week.

We’ve had conflicting events involving family members pretty much every evening; one son has needed tons of help with homework every afternoon while the neighbors keep coming over to play…

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9 Tips for Great Dinnertime Conversations

Are you ready to take your dinnertime conversations to the next level (perhaps veering away from complaints about the food or bickering)? Read the best ideas from our Power of Moms community and print out a whole list of great conversation-starters.


The $100 Allowance (Part 2)

Last year, Amy Makechnie’s 13-year-old daughter requested a lump sum allowance of $100. So, how did the experiment turn out? Read the follow up to Amy’s popular post.