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Teaching moments for you and our child.

Stiff Laundry, Soft Lessons

How can we restore family harmony in the face of discord? Melissa Carter shares what one experience taught her about family relationships, daily tasks, and mothering instincts.

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There’s No Place Like Home

I’m all for moms having the opportunity to excel in areas outside the home, but this experience taught me that I am valued the most by the ones who call me Mom.

Mom Adventures--a new summer tradition.

Mom Adventures

During the summer I sometimes feel guilty when I ignore my children to do housework. Other times I feel frustrated because I give them attention but neglect essential tasks. I realized something needed to change, so I instituted a tradition that has since been the highlight of summer.

Too busy to function?

Too Busy?

Why are we so busy? What good does it do? We used to rush from school and work and soccer practice to piano practice to the drive-through again for dinner to homework to collapse into bed and do the same thing the next day. I decided something had to change.

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Landing Gratitude

Why didn’t life go my way? Our accountant made an error and we owed $10,000 in taxes due that day! I wish I could tell you what happened inside my head that day and all I can say is I think I finally landed gratitude.

What!? Take care of me first?!

Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Without nurturing their own energy, passion, and health–and without setting limits on their own activity–women are useful to no one. Self-care is about controlling your own health and happiness. It means the people in your life receive the best of you rather than what is left of you.

Do these things to make sure you aren't taking the important things for granted.

Six Ways to Never Take Motherhood for Granted

I definitely don’t have all the answers. But I have been thinking hard about what I can do to live my life more fully. I think there are some small measures we can take every day to make sure we are not taking the important things in life for granted.


How To Manage Your Mom Time

Do you ever feel like your watch is running in “fast forward?” Author Daisy Phillips shares valuable tips on how to better organize our time and how this will help us create a more positive attitude about motherhood.

back to school

Back to School and Back to Basics

It’s back to school, and back to that crazy schedule. Power of Moms’ author Tasha Bradshaw shares great tips on how she keeps her sanity and finds balance and fulfillment by grounding herself to the basics.