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Allyson Reynolds

“You Know You’re a Mom If . . .” (Video 1)

Motherhood can sure be a hilarious job. Have you found important things in the oddest places? Have you had people comment on aspects of your attire that you didn’t realize were there? Watch Allyson’s video, and you’ll know you’re not alone.

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Great Charts for Little Kids

The Degn family shares simple charts that are perfect for helping little kids finish their daily chores, earn toys they want, and understand the family’s weekly schedule.

Allyson, Alia and Grace

Simple Bento-Style School Lunches

If you’re not a hot-lunch kind of family, but you’re all sick to death of the usual PB&J, you might want to consider the novelty and convenience of a bento-style lunchbox. GREAT tips here from Allyson

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Organizing the End-Of-School Papers

At the end of the school year, our homes are often inundated with papers. Here are five tips for staying on top of the paper piles . . . and preserving more energy for the ones who matter most.

screen time video

Tackling Screen Time

Tired of battles over how much time your children have spent in front of a screen each day? Watch as Mary Jenkins and her son Nathaniel explain a simple chart they use to track how much screen time Nathaniel has had each day.

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Five Steps to School Project Success

Want your children to become more independent with their school projects? This video with April Perry and her two daughters outlines five simple steps to project success!

Cleaning with Kids

Cleaning with Kids

Watch as Aubrey Degn uses some creativity and a lot of fun while teaching her children to empty the dishwasher and put away their toys.


Learning About Earning

Can little kids learn about the value of work and money? You bet. Check out this cute video showing my twins’ serious excitement about earning their own beloved toys.

Lunch Lessons

Lunch Lessons

Why not use your preschooler’s lunch time as learning time? Mary Jenkins shares some simple ideas for preparing your child academically for school during brief and fun lunchtime lessons.

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I am a Mother

This video by Erika Garner won our 2010 Video Contest. Something incredible happens when photos, words, and music are combined to illustrate The Power of Moms.

Behavior Charts

Family Rules and Consequences

Watch as Mary Jenkins and her little son Nathaniel explain the simple behavior chart that lays out the rules and sets out the consequences for their family.