Building Our Talents – Cute Girls’ Hairstyles: Episode 11

In the Power of Moms post Your Children Want YOU! I referenced a darling hair-tutorial website called Cute Girls Hairstyles that my girls and I visit regularly (we’re trying so hard to learn!).

A few weeks later, I had the chance to meet Mindy (founder of the site) at a Power of Moms Retreat, and over the course of several months, I’ve learned that what she’s teaching online (with more than 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube) and in her family (six darling children!) goes much deeper than the beautiful hairstyles.

In this podcast, you’ll get the chance to hear our conversation about pursuing passions, working together as a family, doing what you love, and making an impact on the world–even when you’re in the thick of family life.

You’ll also hear touching stories about how her work has impacted families around the world–even fathers who have lost their wives and are learning to do hair as a way to offer their daughters a little piece of their mothers.

Everyone has something to teach. Everyone has talents. But building those talents doesn’t have to come at the exclusion of building our families. I have been incredibly inspired by Mindy’s stories, her advice, and her challenge to us to dream boldly and mother deliberately.





Visit Mindy’s site at:






Click here to view a PDF summary of the podcast.


Music from Creations by Michael R. Hicks.


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