Book Summary: Who Moved My Cheese?

Title: Who Moved My Cheese?

Author: Spencer Johnson, M.D.
Genre: Self-Help

Basic Overview:

This is a popular business book, written to encourage us to deal with change in a healthy, productive manner.  Although the book itself doesn’t specifically address motherhood issues, one of the best things a mom can learn is how to be flexible.  Several great ideas are compiled into this fun book–and it takes less than one nap-time to read!

It tells the story of two rodents and two “littlepeople” who live in a complicated maze and spend their lives trying to find the perfect cheese.  When the cheese (a metaphor for what you want to have in life) runs out, “the characters are faced with unexpected change.  Eventually, one of them deals with it successfuly, and writes what he has learned from his experience on the maze walls” (from the inside cover).

Parts I Liked Best:

(1) One of the “littlepeople” is named Hem, and when the cheese at his cheese station runs out, he feels powerless to do anything about it and refuses to even try to make a change.  I can identify with Hem a little because when I used to methodically plan out my days, I would get frustrated when my children would throw a wrench in my plans.  I wouldn’t be able to exercise because a child was sick and needed me, or I would have to change our dinner menu because one of my children spilled the key ingredient all over the inside of the refrigerator.  Although these things weren’t that big of a deal, my fear of change (even little changes in my day) would leave me in a grumpy mood.  Now, I’m learning how to take the change as it comes and creatively find alternatives when my plans go awry.

(2)  The other “littleperson” is named Haw, and he is the one who successfully makes it through the maze–leaving pieces of advice written on the maze walls.  One piece of advice is in the form of a question:  “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”  This is a GREAT question.  If we ask ourselves that question every year/month/week/day, we can come up with better goals.  They might be a little “scary,” but answering that question helps clarify our vision.

(3) If nothing else, this book provides some food for thought.  After reading this, I am more excited to set my goals, reach them, and deal with the changes that will absolutely come.



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