Book Summary: Stress-Free for Good

Title: Stress Free for Good

Authors: Frederic Luskin and Ken Pelletier

Basic Summary:  Does living “stress-free” sound too good to be true?  This book will not take the “stressful” things out of your life, but by describing a series of stress-reduction techniques, it will teach you to respond beautifully to the pressures each of us face.  I just wish I had read this 15 years ago!





Parts I liked best:

1.  For years, my husband has been pleading with me to breathe.  I always say, “I am breathing!”  However, after reading this book’s chapter about “belly-breathing,” I realized it was time to take breathing to a deeper level (literally).  Not only does this book describe how to breathe from your belly, but it gives you advice on when and how to practice your breathing, when to use this skill, and how to train yourself to let oxygen be your friend! (Okay, so it doesn’t use that phrase, but I thought it sounded cute).

2.  I love that this book encourages us to slow down.  Why does it seem like the rest of the world is telling us to speed up?  As I read the chapter about slowing down, I realized that many people (including myself) think they need to be busy constantly in order to be productive, but sometimes it is by being “unproductive” and enjoying the moments that we really get the most out of life.  That was a great lesson for me to learn (again).  The authors also compare our hurried lives to an operation:  imagine a surgeon saying, “the operation was a sucess, but the patient died.”

3.  Another stress-reduction technique described in this book involves tensing your muscles and then releasing the tension.  I have been using this nightly, and it has been very effective.  While speaking with other mothers, I have found that it is common for our minds to race at the end of the day (thinking about all the things we need to do the next day, for example).  By focusing our minds on muscle relaxation, we can help sleep come more quickly!

How this book helped me as a mother:

As I have learned how to relax more, schedule less, breathe more deeply, and become more aware of my stress levels, I have become a happier mother.  I feel more patient, light-hearted, energetic, and fun, and at the end of each day, I feel more satisfied with my life.  It’s amazing how much stress affects our lives, and it is vital that we learn to handle it–for everyone’s sake.  If you are feeling a lot of stress in your life, I hope you will consider reading this book!


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  1. Charelle says

    Thanks April! I just put that title on reserve at the library after reading your review. I also struggle with feeling a need to be constantly productive and busy. Looking forward to reading this book!

    • April Perry says

      Thanks Charelle! I wrote this review a couple of years ago, so when I read it again (it just re-posted), I thought, “Now that sounds like some great advice!” I wish I could learn things once and then apply them perfectly. Sometimes it takes a whole lot of re-learning. Good luck! Let’s work on this together.

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