Book Summary: When Motherhood Feels too Hard

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Title: When Motherhood Feels Too Hard

Author: Kelly Crawford

Basic Overview:

Filled with uplifting messages for each day of the month, When Motherhood Feels Too Hard is a powerful reminder of the divine role of mothers and the divine help they are entitled to. With nine children of her own, the author is able to share a realistic yet hopeful view of motherhood. Through personal experiences, poems, scriptures and quotes, she offers mothers a spiritual lifeline for when it “feels too hard.”

Parts I Liked Best:

I really enjoyed the blend of spiritual and practical advice offered in this book. Sandwiched between thoughts on invoking the help of a higher power and remembering that “washing feet” is neither glamorous nor easy are helpful hints like using your crockpot, taking walks and saying “no” when life feels overwhelming.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“…it’s important to understand that not one of us has an identical situation or is in the exact same season of life, and not one of us has it all together. We can learn from each other, but it’s fruitless to copy.” (Day 21)

“Deliberate mothering is remembering to teach eager little hands how to crack an egg, and not get too upset when they drop it on the floor…because that moment holds an even bigger “deliberate opportunity”. (I write it…but I’m still aspiring to live it.) (Day 10)

“Some days are hard. Some days are blissful. Some days are exhausting and you need to run the Father and beg for more grace, more strength and a fresh perspective. Jesus was a discipler of souls. They pulled Him, tugged Him, pressed in around Him and took from Him at every turn….He stole away to His quiet place, not to ‘find Himself’, but to be renewed so He could go back and pour Himself out again.” (Day 28)

How This Book Made an Impact In My Life, Especially as a Mother (or why I just really liked it):

I’ve thought about that last quote a lot in the weeks since I read it. I think when motherhood get hard, I’m just looking for an escape, for someone to  “Get me out of here!” and solve all my problems. This reminded me that I can draw on a higher power when feeling that way and “escape” not just renew myself for myself but also for my children.

Sometimes we need to see the bigger picture of motherhood and this book helped me do that. After reading it I felt refreshed spiritually and had a greater desire to tackle my work with purpose.

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