Book Summary: It’s Here Somewhere

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Author:Alice Fulton & Pauline Hatch

Basic Overview:
This is my go-to book for streamlining and organizing my home! I “met” the book at a De-junking Class held at my church. My friend Marcia taught the class and told how she was able to de-clutter and organize her home using the methods that the authors set up. The book is easy to read and very practical–a great reference to go to any time. After attending this class, I purchased my own copy of “It’s Here Somewhere”, streamlined and organized my 1300 square foot home and had it ready to sell because we were getting ready to move. I got rid of 20 large yard bags full of  stuff. Half went to a yard sale and then Goodwill. The rest was trash. Our house sold for the asking price, by the way, and our realtor told us it showed so well because it was so uncluttered.

Parts I liked best:
I love how the authors emphasize Point-of-Use storage. It makes setting up your kitchen so much easier. And hey, when the kitchen is organized well, everyone benefits because Mom is happier while she’s in there!

How this book made an impact in my life, especially as a mother:
I have always been somewhat organized but this book took me to another level. It’s amazing how much influence a well-ordered, clean home has on your family and those who visit. This process gave me more confidence and was a great boost to my self-esteem. I have been able to share this with others through the years, both personally and in classes I have taught. The principles are tried and true. I was a better mom because my house wasn’t screaming at me all the time and now I try to pass on these methods to my married daughter for her home and to my college girl, who I hope will try this soon! Like, right now. Please.

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  1. says

    Anna, I’m one of the authors of It’s Here…Somewhere (Alice Fulton Osborne) and I want to thank you for mentioning our book and for such a lovely recommendation. Your site is super and I’ll be stopping by often, by the way!

    My best,

  2. Kat says

    I purchased this book based on Power of Mom’s recommendation and it has been a great resource. I have gone through cleaning things out in my home in a methodical way before but something in this book really clicked with me. I started implementing the Power of Moms Organization program about a year ago but I never cleared out the rest of my house. Now that I have gone through this book and cleared out about 20 bags from my house (and I’m not done yet!), I know that I can fully implement the Power of Moms Organization program. Thank you so much for this book recommendation and your organization program – they are both fabulous!

    • says

      Kat, as one of the authors of this book, you’ve made my day. Thank you for your validating comment. My best wishes as you continue to remove everything that you don’t like, use, need, want, or have room for. You’ll notice you’ll not only find what matters most, you’ll find more time, energy, and mental space for what matters most! Regards, Alice Fulton-Osborne

      • Kat says

        Hi Alice! How neat to hear from one of the authors! I agree with you, I already am finding more time, energy and mental space for what matters most. I just loaded my car up with another 7 bags of donations today and I feel like I’m breathing deeper and I’m walking with a lighter feel – somehow our stuff weighs us down. Even when it isn’t all out in the open (a lot of my things were in our backyard shed) and although it was out of sight it still weighed down in my mind as something that I needed to get to. I listened to a recent podcast April did on “Organizing Our Stuff” and I thought she mentioned that she is doing a podcast with you – I can’t wait to hear it!

        • says

          Hi again Kat,

          Yes, April and I had a long interview on how to deal with clutter, etc. I hope you find it helpful. Meanwhile, keep up the great work. You’re setting a super example for your children, friends, family, neighbors. I wish you every success!

  3. gracenote says

    hi! I just listened to the podcast (loved it!!) and was trying to track down a copy of the book…it’s going for $24 on Amazon (paperback) which I thought was a little high, then I saw it for $114 on a private sellers site?! 😀 I know it’s a good book, but WOW!! 😀 I will keep an eye out for a sale (my budget for ‘mom books’ is a little limited with back to school expenses – haha) Word must be out that the book is AWESOME!!

    Thanks so much for all the inspiration, Alice and Power of Moms!! You probably hear it all the time, but the guidance and support you provide are life changing. Keep up the good work!!! 😀

    • says

      Dear Gracenote: This is Alice Osborne (author of IT’S HERE…SOMEWHERE). First, thank you for your interest in this timeless book. I would be happy to sell you a copy ($12 + $3 S&H). Let me know if I can help in this way. My email is And second, keep simplifying–a simpler, clutter-free environment is one of the very best things a momma can do for her family! You have my admiration and best regards, Alice

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