Book Summary: In Praise of Plan B

Title: In Praise of Plan B: Moving From “What is” to “What Can Be”

Author: Dr. Tim Kimmel

Basic Overview: This book gives the reader freedom to accept that life does not have to be perfect in order to be rich and rewarding. We often have a plan for our lives that leads to a destination of happiness, defined by human understanding. Kimmel suggests that we can have a better life than this by allowing God to work through the twists and turns life throws at us, and take us on a journey toward a destination even better than the one we once hoped for.

Parts I liked best: At the end of the book, it talks about the fact that we are all extraordinarily average, and that the people God used for His Higher Purposes in the Bible tended to be just everyday people. I can be used in the same way today by allowing God to work out His purpose for my life through my submission to His plan.

How this book made an impact in my life, especially as a mother (or why I just really liked it): As a mom, it is easy to downplay the importance of my role in the scheme of the wider world. Sometimes I feel that I have settled for less than I could have been. Had I simply pursued my dreams and goals for my life instead of making sacrifices for our family, perhaps I would have been happier and more successful. However, I realize that God values even the minutest part of His Creation and has designed a creative purpose for all things. How much more does He have in mind for me than I could ever hope for? Even if Plan A backfired, and I did not get to check off everything on my “wish list,” that does not mean that my life is a failure for having not met these expectations. Joy can be found in spite of circumstance, and contentment and peace are far greater reward than short-lived success.


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