Book Summary and GIVEAWAY: Dad Rules

Title: Dad Rules: A Simple Manual for a Complex Job

Author: Treion Muller

Basic Overview: As a father of five, author Treion Muller offers advice from “one dad to another” in his book, Dad Rules. The 81 rules to help dads navigate the sometimes scary journey of fatherhood are divided into three sections: “What Dads Should Know”, “What Dads Should Say” and “What Dads Should Do”.

There were several things about this book that I thought were perfect for dads. First, I love that Muller calls it a “manual.”

“It’s not a book, honey, it’s a manual. You can just read the parts you need…..”

Second, the advice is presented in simple, bite-sized pieces that make for an easy read. Let’s be honest, how many men usually want to sit down and read a thick tome on parenting?

Third, besides giving great, down-to-earth advice, Muller writes in a funny, honest manner that I think would appeal to most dads. For example, I loved Rule # 2: Driving a minivan is inevitable. “Yes, be prepared to give up your man card.” (pg 10).

Parts I Liked Best: The rules in part one, “What Dads Should Know”, deal with the inevitables of fatherhood, what the author terms, “the ‘just deal with it’ rules”. Things like the aforementioned rule # 2, these rules give dads a heads-up on things like having to share just about everything, watching cartoons, changing dirty diapers and learning to refrain from fixing everything.

In the next part, dads are given helps on what to say and what not to say. Some of my favorites included:

  • If you don’t know, say “I don’t know.”
  • Always praise
  • Don’t “@#$%&”
  • The answer to “Dad, can I show you something?” is always “Yes!”

Finally, “What Dads Should Do” is filled with helpful advice on everything from spending time with your children to protecting them from harmful online influences.

Filled with sage advice, Dad Rules is a great book for the new and veteran father alike. Chances are, most dads will realize they’re already living by many of these rules, boosting their confidence. And when they’re at a loss for what to do, they have somewhere to turn.

***In honor of Father’s Day, we get to give away a copy of Dad Rules! To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment below. We’ll randomly select a commenter to receive a copy of the book. This giveaway will end on THURSDAY, June 14th and the winner will be contacted via email that day (be sure you’re a member of our site so we’ll have your email handy!) and the book will be mailed right out to the winner.

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  1. yoko says

    I love the idea of this book! It sounds just right for the dad who is not going to sit down and read a parenting book, but would greatly appreciate some well stated advice and ideas. In other words, it sounds perfect for my husband!

  2. sagar says

    A book which goes beyond the boundaries of country, culture, educational background, status, religion and is a MUST HAVE book not only for DADs, but all the MEN.

  3. Amy says

    My husband recently started staying home with our two boys and this book sounds perfect for him! Something to add a bit of humor to his already crazy day!!

  4. cj says

    How fun! I would love to win a copy for my husband. He’s about to become a father for the 5th time, but there is always something new to learn!

  5. says

    My hubby never touches the books I give him, but calling this a MANUAL makes him feel like he is MANLY so maybe just maybe this will be a game-changer! =) I really love that you mentioned our men are already doing some of these things, so it will be a great boost to them in that way. Awesome. Well, if I don’t win it from you girls I’m gonna have to track it down somewhere! Thx for everything!

  6. Marcie says

    As wonderful a father as my husband is, I think he could benefit from this “manual” – couldn’t we all…? Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win it!

  7. becca@missioncalltomotherhood says

    I’d love to win this book! He’d love it for Father’s Day and June 14th is my birthday. Double Whammie! My husband and I love to read together and it sounds like we’d have a lot of fun with this one. Thanks for doing a give-away!

  8. Brooke Miller says

    I love the simple idea of a manual and bite sized rules. My husband would be much more open to ideas presented this way. Thanks!

  9. mugwump says

    This sounds like a fun book! As a father of 7–I know my hubby could use some extra help about now!! :)

  10. Larissa says

    I would love to win this book for my fiance who is a father of two and is about to take on 3 more kiddos. There’s not a lot of help from their father so he is taking on a ton…I think he must love us bunches! :)

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