Becoming REALLY Rockin’ Mums

At our Sydney Retreat, I (April) had the privilege of recording a brief podcast with one of the most amazing (and hilarous!) mothers I’ve ever met.

Come join me in a fun and meaningful discussion with Sarah Osmotherly where we discuss why we need social time with other mothers, what we loved about our experience at the Retreat, and what we can do to become really rockin’ mums.

Honestly, her darling accent and incredible energy can’t help but inspire you.  (She even got my husband laughing . . . )

Click here to listen to the podcast, “Becoming a ROCKIN’ Mum.”



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    LOVED this podcast! What a great way to feel the energy you get at the retreats. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your experiences and humor. April, amazing as always!! Wish I was at the Sydney retreat.

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