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How It Works:

(1) As an Affiliate, you share our excellent Power of Moms resources–through your website, blog, social media platforms, or email lists that reach a large number of mothers. Power of Moms then shares a 50% commission (in most cases…see bottom of page*) on sales brought to us by our Affiliates.

(2) You simply fill out the form below to apply, and then you can get buttons and banners, like the ones pictured below, from our Affiliate resource page–a link which will be emailed to you.

Image of POM Affiliate Buttons

(3) Once you share your Affiliate link and buttons with your community, Power of Moms will track your leads and sales, and you will receive your commissions once a month through PayPal (a physical check can be issued if needed–see details below**).

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If you have questions about our Affiliate program or if you run into any challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact us: affiliates (at)

* Under the current program, Affiliates receive 50% of the sales price on most sales.  On a few select programs (see below), where Power of Moms has partnered with third parties, a portion of the sales prices will go to that third party before commissions are paid (resulting in the following commission levels):

  • Virtual Retreat: Commission percentage = 40% of sales price
  • Mommy is a Person: Commission percentage = 40% of sales price
  • Joy of Reading Kit: Commission percentage = 35% of sales price
  • Alexander’s Amazing Adventures: Commission percentage = 33% of sales price

** Commissions are paid every 30 days through PayPal, typically on or near the 15th of the month.

Commissions are eligible for payment once the 30-day return policy has passed and once the minimum commission due exceeds $100.  (For example, if your commissions from sales exceed $100 in January, you will receive that payment in mid-March, after the 30-day return period has elapsed.)

NOTE: All individuals who fill out the Affiliate application form will be reviewed by Power of Moms to ensure fit with the community.  Power of Moms reserves the right to decline or discontinue any Affiliate at its sole discretion.  Each participating Affiliate must also file the appropriate tax form(s) with Power of Moms prior to receiving your first Affiliate payment. Thanks!