Baby on Board


Photo by Judy Kay Kyker

Submitted by Judy Kay Kyker:

Now that Jack has become a maniac crawler, our morning-nap school hours are even more precious (I home-school my kids). Even just a week ago I could set him down with a few toys and know that he would be perfectly happy right there in one little spot while the other kids and I would finish up the work we started. This week that is no longer the case. Jack is everywhere! And unfortunately, one of his favorite spots to bolt for is the little potty on the floor in the bathroom… yuck.

So this morning when Jack decided that he only needed to nap for 30 minutes (which is the exact amount of time that it takes us to get ourselves right in the middle of our school work), and it became clear that he had no intentions of settling himself back in for a little while longer, I decided to let him hang out right where he’s the happiest. A place that makes him so happy that he even ended up finishing that nap after all.

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Said this on 2-25-2010 At 11:48 am

LOVE THIS!!!  My whole family has looked at this picture over and over and over again, and we crack up every time.  Good for you for being so creative…and industrious…and clever enough to take a great photo of the whole thing.


  1. threein58 says

    This photo makes me deliriously happy! I wish I could hang it on my fridge to remind me that it is good and enough and even wonderful that we do what we can for our kids and their sleep. My family is in a sleep crisis right now and this is the shot of encouragement we’ve been really needing! Thank you!

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