Relax! It Won’t Last Forever

I hate sticky floors. But during a trip to Target, I realized that sticky floors–and whatever else is wearing my patience thin–won’t last forever.


Three Ways To Support Children in their Interests

The story behind our second child turning his city-raised parents into pseudo-farmers is a story for another day. But in the course of that happening, I have learned a few things that may be valuable to other parents, regardless of whether their children own goats, swim competitively, or perform with a marching band.

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I Want To Be Fabulously Ordinary

By the proverbial standards of the world, it’s easy to classify the majority of mothers, by virtue of what we do, day in and day out, as ordinary. But make sure you don’t forget to use the word ‘fabulous’ in front of that description.


What Would the Trees Say?

When Tiffany was six years old, her dad took a photograph of her brother “holding up” a tree while they were vacationing in a small canyon. Some 35 years later, Tiffany and her family were in that same canyon. Remembering that photo taught Tiffany a poignant lesson about our attempts to raise our families.

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I’m No Better Than You Are

Recently in a meeting, I happened to glance at the notes that were being taken by a lady in front of me.  Several of the notes she had written down were goals to be a better mother to her children.  I suddenly became squeamish in my seat.  It wasn’t the goals themselves that caused my discomfort, […]

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Picture Story: The Money Grab

Tiffany and her husband needed a way to motivate their five children to complete their daily tasks. Merv Griffin has nothing on the game they invented!


How I Enjoy Being a Mother NOW

Fortunately for Tiffany Sowby (and surely for her children), she realized somewhere along the way to stop waiting for the next milestone and enjoy the NOW. Here are four ways that are helping her enjoy being a mother NOW.

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The Baseboard Dilemma

Does a never-ending to-do list nag on your mind? Do you feel guilt, or even agitation, when voices call you away from your tasks? Sometimes it’s in the battle of “The Baseboard Dilemma” we find the parenting truths we are looking for.

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What Size Is Your Plate?

Ever heard the expressions, “I have a lot on my plate” or “My plate is full right now”? During a recent conversation with a friend, I heard a ground-breaking idea. We all have different size plates!