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This Verse of My Song

Four years ago, this was me. I was picking up the keys to my new car I had earned through my at-home business. I LOVED my work! Then I heard a wise woman say, “Time spent in one area is time taken away from another.” It’s a pretty simple phrase, then I realized…

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Is Mommy Too Busy?

I am a very fast paced person. I love to be busy. I relish in the feeling of completing a task. I hate to be interrupted. When my first baby was born, I remember my greatest concern was that he would slow me down and then….

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Surviving Your Own Recession

The resistance caused by our financial hardship has caused us to build financial muscle. It may take two years or ten, but by following these simple strategies the journey can be much more bearable.

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Creating Fun

As a mother to three, the task of dressing my children has gone from “fun” to “daunting” each morning. Thank goodness my definition of “fun” has evolved over time!