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“Mom” Talents

Before children, I had a promising career in education. I was a talented and enthusiastic teacher. I had worked my way up and I knew I would put it all on hold when I had children. I wanted to be a stay-at-home mother, and once I was one, I felt lucky!

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Making Family Dinner Work

One of the very worst times in my home is “The Golden Hour.” This is the time right before my husband gets home from work. No matter how well things have gone during the day, it all falls apart in this blessed hour. I finally discovered how to make the change.

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Idle Threats

I had a hard day with my seven-year-old. The day had been difficult, and bed time had been even worse. Sharing a room with a younger sibling made it even harder. The tantrum had gone on long enough, and I was frustrated. I mandated my expectation and the consequence that would be given if it […]

Book You Staying Young

Book Summary: You Staying Young

This book has been widely publicized, so you most likely know the basic premise. It is “The Owner’s Manual for Extending Your Warranty.” The book goes through your basic body systems and then discusses how they function best and what we can do to stay feeling our best. Young is less and how you look and more about your quality of life, energy and preventing disease.

three weeks book

Book Summary: Three Weeks With My Brother

This is not Nicholas Sparks’ usual love story. It is a memoir written with his brother of their adventurous three week trip around the world together. As they travel they reflect on their life growing up and how their experiences affected each of them in different ways.

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But What Would My Sour Be?

I have recently gotten into bargain shopping.  Grocery shopping has become, dare I say, a hobby.  I religiously clip coupons from my four papers, organize them, pour over store advertisements and watch a website to help me with all this madness.  My four-year-old will yell in support, “Wow, great bargain mom!” in the aisles of […]