A Money System that Works

Shawni’s tried just about everything when it comes to teaching her kids about work and money. And she’s finally come up with a system that really works.

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How can we best manage social media and technology in our homes?

Here at The Power of Moms, we’ve receive numerous questions about how to manage social media and technology in our lives and in the lives of our children. When should kids be able to have a Facebook page or a cell phone? How should we decide what TV shows our kids can watch? Wonderful answers […]

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Celebrate Imagination

Sometimes you’ve got to have a little imagination to get you through the trenches of motherhood. And, if we remember to let some imagination in every once in a while, motherhood is just more fun!

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Wit’s End

If anyone wants to know what a place called “Wit’s End” looks like, just ask me. I go to visit there quite often. I guess the fact that life won’t seem to slow down doesn’t help. What do you do when you reach “Wit’s End”?

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When Your Fears Are Confirmed

Nothing can really prepare you to get a phone call from the geneticist telling you that your child has a really rare syndrome that will change her life, and that of your entire family forever…even if you and your husband already knew it in your hearts.

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The Evolution of Enthusiasm for Doing the Dishes

Image from Shawni Pothier     Listening to Grace teach Claire to do the dishes the other night made me smile. After they got all the dishes crammed in there, detergent loaded in and door closed, Grace wrapped her arm around her sister and pointed out that although there are a lot of buttons on […]

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Little Traditions that Work

I need to face it. My kids are going to grow up. And that’s already happening way faster than I feel ok about. I guess that’s why I latch on with all my heart to ideas I hear or come up with that will help me cherish the moment while they’re young. Some of them […]

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Making True Friends in a Nursing Home

One day a year or so ago, my 11-year-old daughter Elle and her friend were bored. They had baked cookies, had a lemonade stand and had taken some good bike rides around the neighborhood. But it was a long day and new ideas for fun were coming on quite sluggishly. I gave her all the […]

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April Fool’s

April Fools pranks are so… pointless? fun? I don’t know but I just love the chance to do silly stuff and get a rise out of my kids.


Decide When Enough is Enough

Each year as the school year winds down I make the same goal: to let my kids be kids for the summer. Let them imagine and have down time. I have big plans to hang out, just the six of us, and go to the library and have our own kind of field trips. Each […]

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Enjoy the Moments

Little things make me smile. And sometimes (well, most of the time) I forget to write them down. Like how Lucy straightens her legs and points her toes (smooshing her totally chunky thighs together) when I lay her down to change her diaper or how Grace just has to do a little dance in front […]

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Celebrate Imagination

  Sometimes you’ve got to have a little imagination to get you through the trenches of motherhood. You’ve also got to enjoy the imagination your kids are naturally full of. There’s nothing that brightens a dreary morning like walking in on your three-year-old daughter after the breakfast chaos to find her in the midst of […]