Toddler Playing with Toys on 1st Birthday

I Love My Life

Do you know what it takes to recognize the many “real-world” teaching opportunities of motherhood? Take advantage of those opportunities, and teach with confidence–you can make a huge difference in the lives of your children.

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They CAN Be Taught

This past year, I have learned one truth in mothering that has made me more optimistic than ever: My children can be taught, and I can teach them!

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Self-education possible for moms?

    Here is another reader question*: I am a young mom, three years out of college. My husband is pursuing a graduate degree, and I am home with our baby. While I am happy that I get to stay home with my son, I often envy my husband, being able to increase his intellect […]

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What have you changed in your mothering?

One part of mothering that is just now dawning on me is the continual progression of motherhood. A woman does not instantly become the mother she’s always dreamed of being just because she brings her newborn baby home. A mother must learn and grow, sometimes through painful experiences, many times caused by her own mistakes. […]