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Protecting Kids from the Me, Me, Me Epidemic – Episode 121

In this week’s episode, Saren interviews our good friend Amy McCready about her exciting new book, The Me, Me, Me Epidemic. Amy shares three powerful tools from the “Un-Entitler Toolbox” included in her book and offers perspective on the underlying causes and solutions for entitlement.

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Finding the Right Preschool Option – Episode 116

In this week’s episode, Saren and her friend Janelle discuss what they believe is most important for preschool-aged children and share what the Joy School program can offer to kids – and moms! While this episode focuses on the benefits of the Joy School co-op preschool curriculum, the principles that Saren and Janelle discuss apply […]


Putting more Nature in our Nurturing: Episode 115

In this episode, Saren shares some personal experiences, eye-opening statistics, and research about how important it is for children to engage with nature. She also shares some concrete and easy ways that we can make nature a more meaningful part of our children’s lives.

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Giving Up as a Viable Strategy – Episode 114

In this episode, Saren shares some experiences she’s had with one of those age-old parenting issues – getting kids to clean up their room. She also shares some helpful tips for figuring out when it may be time to “give up” or simply let up on certain things that we want our children to do […]


Enjoy it because it’s happening – Episode 111

At a recent Power of Moms Retreat, Saydi Shumway (a social worker and professional photographer), presented important research about happiness as well as simple but very effective ways to find greater joy in motherhood. In this episode, Saydi shares the main points from her presentation.

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Are you Coddling your Kids? Episode 108

Should you take that assignment to school that your child left at home? Should you pick them up from school whey they say they feel sick when their sickness seems highly dubious? It’s such a challenge to figure out when we’re crossing the line from showing compassion for our children to coddling and enabling them!

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Tough Times with Teens – Episode 105

In this episode, Saren reads a post she wrote back when her oldest child was just entering the teenage years as well as a very honest post she just wrote about what she’s currently learning and struggling to understand about teens now that her oldest is 15.

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Phone Rules for Kids: Episode 103

In this week’s Radio Show, Saren talks with her two teenage sons about cell phones. They discuss how to enjoy the benefits of phones and technology while avoiding the drawbacks and share some points from their family’s “Technology Contract.”