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Three Strategies for Being a Less Annoying Parent

I am an annoying parent. I’m not talking about being annoying to other people; I’m talking about being annoying to my children themselves. I’ve found that when I tweak the delivery of my expectations to be less irritating, I enjoy parenting more and have fewer battles with my strong-willed son.

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Anchored by Beautiful Moments

A trusted friend once told me, “In motherhood, the hard moments sometimes outnumber the beautiful moments, but the beautiful moments always outweigh the hard moments.” I have developed a few strategies to give the perfect moments in motherhood even more weight so they can anchor me through the hard times.

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The Surprising Way I Confronted My Eating Disorder

I finally admitted that I had an eating disorder when I was an overwhelmed new mom. As part of my counseling, I participated in “narrative therapy” and was asked to embody my eating disorder as a character in a story. The result was eye-opening and powerful.

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Creating Highlights

As mothers, we do not need to burn ourselves out with expectations that we will plan outrageously fun and magical activities for our children every single day of their lives. Instead, we can plan ‘highlight experiences’ for our children to spice up the monotony of daily life.


Mushy Love Letters

One day while my infant son and I were running errands together, I had a “swell moment,” when my heart about burst out of my chest from the love I have for him. I went home and started writing. The words of adoration poured out of me as I thought about every little thing that I love about him.

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It Is What It Is

How do you deal with stressful situations in a healthy way? Rachel Nielson has a simple, effective way to handle frustration without resorting to negativity.

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Worth Fighting For

Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35, this incredible mother raised three girls and left a legacy that will inspire every one of us. You do not want to miss this beautiful tribute, written by one of her daughters.


The Best Year of My Life?

This year has been good, but it has also been challenging. Then a friend of mine recently wrote on Facebook that this has been “the best year of [her] life, hands down.” I thought about her sentiment and wondered if I could echo it. I wasn’t sure that I could.