Making the Most of Now

“The pictures fade, the plaster cracks, the baby clothes I have carefully washed and folded away are all now yellowed, in spite of my best efforts. Even the memories fade a bit with the passage of time. But what remains are the all-important relationships we have forged.”

dirty feet

My Precious (Screaming) Toddler

“What is precious? That which is rare and lovely and sought after. I do not see these frequent blow-ups as anything close to rare. Nor is a meltdown even half-ways lovely…But precious can also mean fleeting. And this is true. These moments of childhood, these rites of passage, are momentary. They are fleeting, and in and of themselves, they are strangely precious in their own little ways.”


Words Come Between

My friend’s tense response to passive-aggressive criticism led me to rethink the way I verbalize my opinions and form judgments about other mothers.


Building the Junior High Bridge

Do you find yourself embarking on a new phase of mothering, such as your oldest child entering junior high school? Author Lori Gard reflects on the ways she has tried to build strong relationships with her children, so their relationships can serve as a bridge during times of transition for the family.


I Choose Joy

Can joy really be found in life? See what this mother and teacher finds as she grapples with her pursuit of joy.

Plan B

Book Summary: In Praise of Plan B

This book gives the reader freedom to accept that life does not have to be perfect in order to be rich and rewarding. Joy can be found in spite of circumstance, and contentment and peace are far greater reward than short-lived success.

Family Lori Gard


If we are feeling rushed and frantic, situations will look like crises. If we are relaxed and level-headed, situations will appear manageable. Read how Lori Gale found new perspective in a situation where she least expected it.

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Mother At Heart

Motherhood truly knows no bounds. Enjoy this touching story of a special relationship between an adoptive mother and a vivacious young teenager.