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Update on the Value Respect: Encouraging Respect in our Family

We decided that there were many areas we could work on to bring more respect into our home. We all brainstormed a list of different ways and voted on three behaviors that we would especially focus on this month. ALL of our children really got into this activity. It was really heartwarming!

photo courtesy of Mary Croxford

Update on Peaceability: Introducing the Value to Our Family

September is a great month for this value. It automatically lends itself to the idea of becoming more routine-oriented as we set goals for the school year and begin to put more structure back into our lives. I love the routine we have developed for this month. Not everything is coming off perfectly but, it is falling into place. Having a routine is a great way to bring more peace into our homes.

Self Reliance = Self Esteem

Boy, Megan’s article was outstanding, giving great ideas for this wonderful and very important value of self reliance. We feel so much the same regarding this that I will not re-write the concepts, although I want to add a couple of other thoughts. When I was a young mother, I was so eager to help […]