Transformation of an Echo Chamber

  Meal and study time at our house can definitely be a rowdy, rambunctious event! Our dining room, where food is consumed and most projects are accomplished, is a tight squeeze for the seven (soon to be eight) of us – especially with a vaulted ceiling that extends straight up to the top floor’s roof. Such […]

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Driving My Own Bus To School

Blemishes. Going to school with one was like wearing my own blinking light that announced a dork was coming up the hallway.  I couldn’t cope with that.  So, I’d miss the bus in hopes my mom would be too busy to drive me to school. Flames the length of dragon breath seemed to emit from my mother’s hair whenever she found […]

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Spiritual Sundays: The Spiritual Roots of My Childhood

As a child, I remember my parents singing a blessing known as puja over an offering of fruit. The blessing was during a special ceremony where I was being given a new Mantra, a special word children focus on as they meditate. Children’s meditation consists of focusing while allowing other thoughts or distractions to come […]

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Motherhood and the Transfer of Energy

Here is a fun science analogy that adds supportive insight into how our choice to be mothers can be the very best investment for our respective nations, for our world! Imagine, if you will, two balls, one large and one small.  They’ll need to be balls that bounce.  Now if you have ever bounced a large ball and a small ball side by […]

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The Misplaced Math Books

In her defense, my lovely 9-year-old daughter, Sarah, is one of the most loving people to ever have walked the earth.  Her style of losing her patience is to tenderly whine and bat her long eyelashes and stare pitifully up at me with her giant, puppy dog eyes.  It is nearly impossible to be upset […]

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Special Perfume for Graduation

Each of my children were ready.  In just a minute their grandfather would be picking the kids and I up for my husband’s graduation ceremony.  I looked up at the clock and smiled.  Never had I gotten the three children together so efficiently.  Wow, I inhaled triumphantly, I really had things together this time…but wait, where had my second child gone off to? The house […]

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From Princess to Queen

“Mommy, why do we have to eat healthy food?” my wide-eyed eight year old asks. “Mom, why do we have to have lights out at 8 o’clock?” my curious ten year old sighs. “Mooooooommmmm,” bellows my six year old son, “why do I have to stop playing Star Wars and practice my reading?” Grouch, grouch, grouch, […]